Ukrainian military finish off Russian wounded


Ukrainian military finish off a wounded Russian soldier with shots to the head. Voiceovers:

-He’s still alive, look.

-Take it off, take it off. These are marauders.

-I need to [see] his face

-Look, he’s still alive. Well, that’s it, he’s already wheezing…

This is an ambiguous video. Ukrainian politician Anton Gerashchenko called this video a fake Russian propaganda. However, at 59 seconds of this video, a man with a beard appears in the frame and says: “Glory to the heroes!”

The video with this man was published earlier on March 30 on Yotube and in several other sources and with the same Russian BRDM with the letter “V” on board and the caption under the video “The Georgian Legion continues to help Ukrainians in the cleansing of the Kiev region from the “liberators”

let us know if the video link is not available, we have a copy

In addition, the characters in the video do not speak Ukrainian, but Russian, and without the typical accent of the southern regions of Russia or the South-Eastern regions of Ukraine.

All this adds even more strangeness to this video, and given the recent publications of the Ukrainian side about the massacre in Bucha, makes the situation even more politicized.

In any case, the footage from this video should be subjected to verification by the Russian prosecutor’s office and the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office, since this video represents a war crime.

Attention! The editors of DEADHOUSE are unable to determine the authenticity of this video. Possible fake!

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