Azerbaijani military cut off the ears of the corpses of Armenian soldiers


I wonder if the Azerbaijani government offers bonuses for cut off ears from the Armenian army, or does Azerbaijani cuisine have a special recipe for dishes from cut off ears?

Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenia, Azerbaijan.

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  1. Those poeple armenian russians pupies would go and kill azerbaijan families n then go in ukraine do genocide for russia n then go in others lands do genocide. But then your boss is weak n lossing he left you so now have karma. As you raped killed with soviets us now we will kill your sons n daughters in ukraine n armenia. N remember those people would do more bad stuff to freeworld

  2. The one who is cutting ears speaks Armenian. So it’s Armenians who cut ears. Most likely azeris do the same, people do terrible things in war. But don’t misinform people.

    1. The voice-over does not speak Armenian. Apart from the Armenian devalued vocabulary, there is no Armenian speech there.
      Our editors understand Armenian and cannot identify voice-overs as Armenian. In the worst case, it is a dialect of Armenian, but not Armenian.

      This video still causes a lot of controversy, but we do not have an editor who speaks Azerbaijani. According to this, the description will remain the same until we receive confirmation to the contrary.

      1. It’s Armenian, anyone who speaks Turkish will tell you it isn’t Azeri since Azeri language is very much close to Turkish. Most likely one of your editors is Armenian and use those resource to misguide people, something Armenians were doing throughout all their dark history.

        1. I know the editor who speaks Armenian personally, but you don’t.
          And our editors have no reason to mislead us.

          However, at the moment, I can’t say with certainty what language these guys speak because I don’t know a native speaker of Azerbaijani.

          Don’t get me wrong, we’re not shy about admitting our mistakes and I’ll be happy to correct the description as soon as I get confirmation IRL and not on the internet.

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