Legion ‘Freedom of Russia’ interrogates prisoners


Soldiers of the ‘Freedom of Russia’ legion interrogate captured Russian soldiers. Mostly conversational.

The legionnaire asks: ‘Against whom did you come to fight’? The prisoner replies: ‘Against the Nazis’. Voice-over says: ‘Against which Nazis? Have you seen the Nazis here? Here I am Russian, he is also Russian. You are Russian?’ The prisoner replies: ‘Yes, I am Russian’. You are not Russian, you are Putin’s bedding. Because of people like you, the whole world considers Russians to be Nazis. You come here to loot. Tell me, did you loot? Raped? The real Russians are fighting for a free Russia, and you will rot here for the rest of your days.”

All speech contains obscene language.


Legion ‘Freedom of Russia’ is fighting on the side of Ukraine as part of the Foreign Legion.

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