Bear bit off the face of a man


On May 14, 2011, Wes Perkins and his son and friend were hunting bears in the Nome area of ​​Alaska.
Suddenly, a grizzly bear rushed out of a snow cave at Perkins. The bear covered 30 meters separating the Perkins snowmobile in a couple of seconds. Perkins hesitated and the bear inflicted a terrible trauma on his face.

Perkins was seriously injured, but survived thanks to emergency medical attention. He was taken to a Seattle hospital by helicopter, where he spent several days in an artificial coma.

By miracle, Wes Perkins managed to survive thanks to the efforts of rescuers and hospital doctors.
Doctors performed 26 operations on Perkins face, part of his face consists of titanium plates, and a pelvic bone was used for the jaw.

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  4. if he was out hunting bears… well there are risks involved…

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