The hunter killed the bear and the bear killed the hunter

Sometimes hunters kill bears, sometimes vice versa, bears kill hunters. But this time, the conflicting parties ended the constructive dialogue almost simultaneously.

The 62-year-old hunter shot the bear, but the wounded beast managed to run up to the hunter and cut off half of his skull. The bear later died from his injuries.

The police are checking the bear and interviewing his relatives about the bear’s membership in an extremist community and possible connection with the special services of Ukraine.

Irkutsk region, Russia.


109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. The bear did the right thing , before dying he killed the faggot , I’m happy bear got it’s revenge :).

  2. “Hunters” always struck me as cowards.
    They try to pass as some sort of tough guys but are in fact a bunch of pussies.
    Takes a big man to use a firearm to kill an animal up to 100 meters away. Use a melee weapon at least. You know you’d get mauled like that guy on The Revenant.
    This sad sack of shit however didn’t even manage to carry out it’s cowardly act without losing his head.

    There’s hunting out of necessity, and then there’s trophy hunting aka “I’m a total piece of shit” behaviour.

    1. There is a thing called “evolution” humans evolved to hunt using weapons, in an encounter between two animals the strongest is not the one with physical strength, the strongest is the one who is still standing at the end of everything. And it would be stupid to face a bear knowing that you are going to lose.

      1. Yes, but my point is, animals are no match for us, and going out trying to stroke one’s ego by asserting yourself on animals is loser shit.

  3. bears lives matters.fuck yr man.he got karma.humans like every other species on this planet should kill to feed.not for sport or punctuality in this text is not up for grabs.u understand what i say.turn gun on yrself b4 defencless animal that knows no better.Go on the human race.most vicious animal on the planet.

    1. You are right. Humans are INFACT the monster on this planet

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