Hindu. Cow. India, cow. India. Hindu


And everyone knows what will happen next. Human logic is powerless in regard to India when a Hindu meets a cow. This higher philosophy, or even a complex masochistic cult, is impossible to comprehend. And only the great Krishna directs the horns of the animal into the ass of the venerable representative of the caste society.
If anything, this is episode 10 of ‘Cow Double Shot’. The previous 9 episodes of the exciting show are here.


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  1. Jesus Christ. This is truly pathetic. Maybe hindu grandpoop emits some sort of mysterious gas out of their asses which attracts the cow to slam their horns in the ass. -)

    1. Reading your vivid description, I’m dead sure you snort that gas on a daily basis in your dad’s backyard where he rapes lil kids..
      That Christian Jesus guy surely wasted a good asshole when he
      put teeth in your mouth fukin faggot

    2. Author

      I also had a similar idea. How else to explain the attack of cows in India, and mainly on pensioners?

      1. Yeah. From scientific point of view this event seems to be unexplainable. However from the Hindus superstitious shits they can certainly give a decent answer. And tbh its better to ignore the troll ass like one is above.

        @ARYABHYA no one cares about nigger faggot ass. You will remain and die in ur 3rd world shit hole country.

  2. Is ..he

    Dead… Omg ?

  3. A people who made an evolutionary blunder – that of not eating cows / meat, an integral part of their religion. Bunch of shitheads

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