Details of a daring store robbery

Four guest workers from Tajikistan robbed a grocery store, brutally beat the director and her husband, and beat a saleswoman to death.

The moment of the robbery was caught on surveillance cameras.


Two robbers armed with wooden handles from axes burst into the store and beat up employees, and two more at that time were at the entrance to the Pyaterochka grocery store.

In total, the criminals stole 71,000 rubles from the cash register and the safe. ($937)

Soon the criminals were arrested in a neighboring village. They were young people from 19 to 29 years old who arrived from Tajikistan in search of work in Russia: 19-year-old Nazirkul B., 21-year-old Khabibullo M., 24-year-old Akbarali B. and 29-year-old Zafar Kh.

Two of them were in Russia illegally, and one of the robbers previously worked in a grocery store.

The investigation established that one of the criminals, his name is not disclosed, posted his profiles on dating sites for men and offered gay prostitution services.

The involvement of criminals in another similar robbery of a store in the village of Yuryevo a few weeks earlier was also established.

Our comment:

Surveillance cameras and detailing of mobile phones helped to calculate and detain the criminals. In the case of especially serious crimes, with the help of special equipment, information is collected about the telephone numbers that were at the crime scene in the coverage area of the base stations. If you are going to rob a store in Russia, do not take mobile phones with you.

Victims at the hands of the robbers were taken to the hospital, and the 51-year-old saleswoman died from her injuries.

The incident happened on February 9th.

Istra, Moscow region, Russia.

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