Shootout in the style of Hollywood action movies


Four men were killed and two more injured in the shootout when they were attacked by men armed with automatic weapons.

The men were drinking beer and talking when a black car appeared nearby and from there they opened fire from automatic weapons.

The men tried to shoot back, but the killers came closer and finished off their victims.

It is reported that one of those killed was a former prisoner named Jonathan Ortiz Castrodad. The rest of the police could not identify.

At the scene, pistols were found, which were in the four killed, more than 180 cartridges and 3 thousand dollars in cash.

Cidra, Puerto Rico


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  1. 厕所老哥死里逃生

    1. 他勉强逃过一劫。 他很幸运。

    2. 顺便说一句,非常感谢您的帐户名。

  2. The guy in the black tea and a guy in a white tea that were sitting having a conversation upon getting shot and the back paralyzed took their legs right out

    1. They wasn’t really conversating the guy with the black hat was telling the other dude bro keep shooting it’s a shame man my family is from Puerto Rico this why I barely visit them

      1. Spoken, “conversing.”

        Conversate is a nonsense word. Things we can argue about in these civilized lands, far from Democrat run PR where bullets are law.

  3. Yes, let us make PR into a state. Right next to Illinois, New York, California, and Washington. In fact, consider this video to be their resume. Acceptance then would be assured.

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