Skirmish in the center of Moscow

Skirmish in the center of Moscow
Skirmish in the center of Moscow

The incident occurred at about 20:30 in the premises of the Nikas Group company in the house N28 / 30 on Sadovo-Kudrinskaya street. According to police, the owners of the building gathered for a meeting in the evening. A serious conflict arose during the conversation.

In an aggravation of the situation that led to the shooting, one of the leaders of the Nikas Group company, deputy general director 40-year-old Mikhail Radko, was killed.

His guard, in turn, after the chase shot the attacker – he turned out to be a 50-year-old native of Kharkov Sergey Dzugaev. He died on the spot from multiple gunshot wounds to the head and torso. The shooting guard escaped.

Two police officers also received gunshot wounds in the shootout – the driver, senior police sergeant Nikolai Klyachin, and senior police sergeant Vitaliy Kozlov. Both injured policemen were later hospitalized at the Research Institute named after Sklifosovsky, now nothing threatens their life.

The police patrol left after the alarm button was triggered in the building of a commercial bank located in the same building. The patrol drove up at the moment when two armed people ran out of the building – presumably Sergey Dzugaev and the security guard of the Nikas-group company.

It is worth noting that initially information was heard in the media that an armed robbery of “Incarobank” was committed in the center of Moscow.

On the fact of the incident, the prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case under article 105 of part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (the murder of two or more persons). 15 shells, one cartridge and two 9 mm bullets were withdrawn from the scene. Currently, operational search measures are being conducted.

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