Resumption of the project and blocking in Russia

Invasion of Crimea and the 2014 crisis

The 2014 crisis triggered by the Russian invasion of Crimea changed everything. Gradually, I got fewer and fewer clients, which means there was an opportunity to resume the work of DEADHOUSE.

In addition, many events have happened in my personal life, but I could only get to grips with the site in 2019.

By the end of December 2019, the updated DEADHOUSE.RU was ready. Throughout January and February, our team was busy filling the site. It was decided to add something to the archive, but the main content since 2003 has been uploaded.

This could not fail to attract Russian censorship and in early May 2020 DEADHOUSE.RU was blocked on the territory of Russia.

Curiously, the censors blocked only the WWW.DEADHOUSE.RU subdomain and the main domain. In principle, the site can be removed from blocking by creating another subdomain, but now we ourselves do not want to give content to Russia.

Then it became clear that it was necessary to attract an English-speaking audience from all over the world, and not only from Russian-speaking countries.
I registered the DEADHOUSE.ORG domain, tested and configured the software for a long time, and by mid-July 2020 we launched the English version.

We immediately restricted the English version of DEADHOUSE.ORG to be shown in the Russian Federation. We are negative about Internet censorship, but we simply have no choice.

An interesting legal conflict has arisen. On DEADHOUSE.ORG you can find materials that violate the laws of the United States and European countries, but the fact is that the domain is registered to a citizen of Russia, who, of course, does not fall under the jurisdiction of the United States and Europe, and content is not given to Russia.

I don’t know what will happen next, I’ll probably have to somehow reckon with the legislation of the United States and the European Union, but so far everything remains as it is.

True, the police have already come to me about DEADHOUSE, but that’s another story.

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