Woman stuck her hand into a punch press


A factory worker accidentally put her hand into a stamping press and her hand became flat. On the one hand, this is a great tragedy, and on the other hand, this woman has a good chance to win swimming competitions, especially if her other hand is corrected in the same way.

Shanghai, China.

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  1. Imagine the regret, must feel like shit. I don’t know how people get complacent around these machines

  2. Love the description lol. Chinky doin chinky shit . Darwin award goes to this stupid woman.

    1. Wtf shit name is this “apple in the ass” LMFAO!!!!!

  3. Cô ấy ko hoản loạn tôi thích cô ấy

  4. Does she has a rubber hand or what? I was expecting blood to spill out but it turn into an actual flat arm

    1. Yea exactly, like i was half expecting to see splattering of blood or bloodied hand but it turns flat lol. That was unexpected.

    2. well the bones are crushed and the ligaments so i was expecting blood but this is something else or these dumbass yellow people chinese are built different lol 😂

  5. Ah yes, the average typical chinese communist incompetence lol

    no wonder they die unfortunately in a normal basis and description must hated these yellow people bastards

  6. She really is the most stupidest chinese bitch in that factory, why would she reach something over using her arm?

  7. I wonder what kind of factory this is?

  8. You can blame the factory guidelines and the machine construction all you want, but there is no way that anyone told her to stick her whole goddanm arm under the machine while it’s powered.

  9. dumb chink bitch got what was coming to her

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