A little dismembered


They do not have enough to kill the enemy, they still need to dismember the body and mock the corpse for a long time. Why are they doing this? To show what scary they are? They show that they’re stupid.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. 这样敲,煮完汤里面会全是碎骨头,喝起来非常糟糕

  2. Bro that’s nothing you gotta dissemble all his finger and and legs and even the black dick before killing him he has to experience the pain

  3. This is a case of drug faction wars in Brazil. He’s saying: PCC (PCC is one of the drug trafficking factions) here dies, that’s what happens with PCC, we’re going to take over the whole city”.

  4. Perhaps they’re trying to make a horrific piece of artwork, when it comes to criminals and sacrifices or even punishments, people may rip the body apart, almost like it’s they’re signature. It’s twisted, yes.

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