Teacher stabbed in front of children

In Voskresensk, Moscow region, a man stabbed his wife, a teacher in front of the children, to death, the woman died before the ambulance arrived.

The cause of the murder was a conflict. On July 26, Vladimir Vorobyov beat his wife and daughter. Tatyana Vorobyova went to her relatives and filed for divorce. On September 7, the spouses were to be divorced.

On August 31, Vorobyev entered the territory of the kindergarten, where his wife worked as a teacher. On the pretext that he needed to give his wife the keys he was allowed into the building. There he pushed the escort away and began to beat his wife, stabbing him several times. Another teacher, together with the children, locked herself in another room.

Soon, the offender was detained. According to him, he drank a bottle of whiskey and does not remember anything.

A criminal case was initiated.


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