A girl with a genetic disease sings a song


A genetically disabled little girl sings the Russian folk song ‘Valenki’ while her mother is filming the action.


109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. This is adorable, why is it on a gore site? It’s wholesome, poor kid, they didn’t ask for the genetic disease, it’s nothing gore worthy. Understand?

    1. Didn’t expect for this gore site to have a decent comment. You’re a good person

    2. I know right…. And I’m usually a terrible person here ?.
      I wonder how this girl is doing in Russia now ☺️ I hope she’s fine.

    3. Ahhh yes. Those Superior European Aryan genetics in all its glory. No wonder you pale savages are dying off at such a high rate. And I love it

      1. The bad nazi racists on this site are getting to you, arent they? D’aww if only the world was the other way around and us niggers didn’t get colonized as much in the past … :(
        Now I have to look for little random victories, because what else do I have as a nigger :(

  2. I know right. And I’m usually a terrible person around here ? This clip is heart warming, it was the breath of fresh air i needed. I hope that little girl and her family are doing well in their times of crisis

  3. i needed this. Been seeing so much fucked shit here.

  4. fuck the government
    all of these fuking videos are propaganda
    dont believe em

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