Woman demonstrates severed male genitalia


A female voice-over says that this penis was in the wrong vagina and for this parted with its owner. What happened to the owner of the severed genitals is not reported, but the woman says that she will keep this souvenir in a formalin jar.


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  1. That is a nice little dicklet

      1. mmm… I bet you wanna put it in yo mouf

  2. the only reason people wont nuke brazil is just bcs theres amazon

    1. If there was a like button I would have used it for your comment 👌👍

  3. She’s saying that those are of her husband who cheated on her.

  4. Damn, she must have tiny hands

  5. Even their penises look fucking gross.

  6. honestly this is sum crazy shit but for 1 thing and thats on my grave no one is cutting my dick off ?

  7. Look, people, everyone knows me, knows that I’m Rui’s wife brunette, the qua mar. I caught him cheating on me and that’s what I did to him, you know? Now, he’s quiet, resting.
    He’s not going to betray me anymore, you know? I want everyone to know that this is here.
    I acted because I was betrayed by rui rui. I love you, my love. Don’t worry any more, okay? But it’s okay with you, okay? I’ll take very good care, I’ll put inside a glass with formaldehyde, okay, my love

    1. You must be a translator and a good one. 👌

  8. just translating.
    “see guys, everyone knows me, im the woman of the rui moreno, i catch he with other. is this that i do with him, his not gonna lie for me again, now he’s calm and sleeping he not will lie anymore. i want that you guys now that im make this because his have sex with other woman. rui, i love you do not worry anymore, its ok.”

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