Brother, twin, lover

The brother “lost” his girlfriend to his twin brother, but the woman “saw through” the insidious rapist, not seeing the cherished tattoo on his buttock.

On Tuesday, September 8th, police officer Jared Rorig appeared before a court in Milford, but he does not plead guilty to raping a woman by fraud.

The rape victim claims to have uncovered a hoax when she saw her lover’s ass. Before, she always had a cowboy tattoo on her, but now she was gone. The romantic meeting turned into an embarrassment: the partner immediately realized that she was “cheated” by slipping the wrong man into bed.

According to the investigation, the rape of Joseph Roerig’s girlfriend was committed on July 19 in the house where the 25-year-old brothers live with their parents. According to the victim, her romance with Joseph developed over several months. According to her, Jared, after exposing, confessed to her in deception. Then the policeman said that his twin Joseph was simply tired of meeting her, and therefore, he “fraternally” offered to go on a date to Jared.

Even in court, the victim continued to express indignation, mixed up with perplexity, which were caused by such a wild act of the policeman. “When did you expect me to expose you?” – the woman appealed to the defendant. – When I did not find your tattoo? When could you take me home by Joe’s car? Or when they would ask for directions to my house? ”

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