Young woman and her hot lover


In this video, the end of the romantic story that happened in Turkey. This story is full of oriental deceit, passion, love story and betrayal.

A man named Ferhat Demir passionately lusted after a woman, a mother of three children, named Fatma.

In order to achieve the location of the source of his adoration, Demir decided to influence Fatma’s husband. On social networks, he created an account with a female profile and started a correspondence with Fatma’s husband.

After some time, Demir wrote to Fatma that her husband Hussein was cheating on her, and as evidence of infidelity, he handed over correspondence with her husband where he introduced himself as a woman.

Demir offered to meet Fatma and was able to woo her. Fatma indulged in passionate love with Demir, leaving her husband and children.

At this time, Fatma Hussein’s husband had already turned to the police – his wife was missing. However, a few days later he discovered that Fatma was at her parents’ house.

Hussein didn’t understand. What happened? Why suddenly his wife first disappeared, and then suddenly found in her parents’ house.

But then Hussein received a message that his wife was cheating on him. As evidence of infidelity, an unknown person (although there are suspicions that it was his wife’s lover Demir) sent a photo in which his wife was in the arms of another man.

Fatma and Demir
Fatma and Demir

What else this man wrote is unknown, but he scared Hussein to think that his wife and her lover planned to kill him. Fearing for his life, Hussein disappeared for a while.

But then a quarrel broke out between the lovers. Fatma found out that her beloved Demir had been married for a long time and had his own family.

The woman invited Demir to a meeting. She took an automatic pistol with her. You have seen the end of this story. Fatma discharged a pistol clip into her lover with the words “Now my honor is avenged!”

Fatma was detained by the police, she did not resist.

Misariolu, Suruc, Turkey.

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    1. She doing the best thing? What the fuck does that even mean? Your English is very poor my friend.

  2. what a love story , looks like it needs an anime adaptation. SO FUCKING EMOTIONAL ;(

  3. Lovey revenge. Ghost rider cartel

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