Tomilinsky maniac

Tomic maniac
Murder in Tomicino

The other day, 10-year-old Nastya Butenkova was killed in the suburbs of Moscow. As it became known, the circle of specific suspects has been determined. According to unofficial information, there is already a sketch of the likely killer. It is possible that the girl was killed by a local lunatic working under the Krasnoyarsk maniac.

The body of the strangled Eastia Butenkova was found between the fifth and sixth floors on the black staircase of the house where she lived. The 4th grade student of the local school was found on April 5 in the stairwell of the house number 30 of the “Bird Factory” district in the village of Tomlino. Shortly before that, Anastasia Butenkova was returning home from Saturday. The killer strangled the child with a boa constrictor – forensic doctors confirmed that the girl died of mechanical asphyxia.

No other signs of violence were found in the child. According to investigators, the maniac was frightened by neighbors who heard a noise on the stairs during the day. Anastasia Butenkova’s father, who was told about the incident by the occupants of the house, called an ambulance, but doctors could not save the girl. In connection with the death of Anastasia Butenkova, a section 1 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Intentional Murder) has been opened and investigated.

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