Drunk man dies of suffocation during masturbation

Drunk man dies of suffocation during masturbation

A resident of Kemerovo entertained himself with auterotic asphyxia while intoxicated and overdid it a bit – his corpse was discovered by his wife, with whom he took out a mortgage loan.

According to the mortgage agreement, the man was insured against an accident, but the insurance company refused to pay, citing the fact that suicide is not included in the insurance obligations.

The trial in this case lasted six months, and as a result, the lawyers of the onanist’s widow managed to prove that the man did not have suicidal tendencies. As a result, the court took the side of the plaintiff and the woman received the insurance due to her, which made it possible to cover the mortgage loan.

The administration of DEADHOUSE warns that death by suffocation during masturbation is not the best way to solve financial problems.

Kemerovo, Russia.


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