Drunken shooting and attempted murder


In Volgograd, a drunk man opened fire on a car, the driver of which reprimanded him.

At about 4 am a black car stopped at an intersection. A drunk man got out of it and began to relieve himself in the middle of the intersection.

The driver of the “Lada” car did not like it and he made a remark to the drunk man.

In response to this, the man took out a pistol and demanded that the Lada driver stop. The driver did not listen to him and continued driving. Then the drunk dude started shooting after the driving away car.

Soon the car with the criminals was detained by the traffic police.

An operation was carried out to detain armed people from whom a Makarov pistol was seized, which the criminals managed to bury in a forest belt, an Osa traumatic pistol, a Saiga hunting carbine, a grenade and ammunition.

It is reported that two people were detained and charged with illegal arms trafficking and attempted murder.

The 31-year-old Lada driver is in a hospital in serious condition. One of the bullets fired by the hooligans hit the man in the head.

Volgograd, Russia.


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