Four residents of the North Caucasus beat a Russian guy


Four citizens from the republics of the North Caucasus beat up a Russian guy in New Moscow. It is noteworthy that the man was with the child, but this did not stop the hooligans.

The cause of the conflict was a verbal skirmish that escalated into a fight. Everything happened in front of a young child. At the same time, the man invited the Caucasians to go one-on-one, but as usual they swooped down in a crowd.

In the second part of the video, dialogue is heard:
-What are you doing me with the child!
– I fucked you and your child!

As a result of the scuffle, the man agreed to meet today, 05.11.2021 at 15.00 to continue the “constructive dialogue”.

However, the police learned about this and carried out a raid to cleanse people of Caucasian nationality and migrant workers from Central Asia.


In the second video, eyewitnesses filmed the moments of the arrests of all non-Russians. Migrant workers scatter from nearby construction sites, some are resisting the police.

Moscow, Russia.

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  1. All this irritates and aggravates the situation. In 2010, under similar circumstances, a Russian guy, Yegor Sviridov, was killed. This incident resulted in a spontaneous protest rally and a crowd of football fans raged on Manezhnaya Square opposite the Kremlin for 3 days since Yegor Sviridov was from this company.

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