Grandfather dismembered his wife and threw the body parts into the street


An 89-year-old grandfather quarreled with his 83-year-old wife and stabbed her twice in the neck, from which the woman died. After that, the man cut off the hand and head of the corpse, which he threw out the window.

Body parts on the street attracted the attention of passers-by, and the police were called to the scene.

Soon the perpetrator of the murder was discovered. The dismembered body of his wife and the bloody saw with which he butchered the corpse were found in his apartment.

The man was detained, and when asked why he killed his wife, grandfather answered with bewilderment and did not understand what he was being asked about.

Crazy grandfather

Grandfather was placed in a cell where he fought with other prisoners. The 89-year-old killer is scheduled for a psychiatric examination.

Moscow, Russia.

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    1. Author

      I have already explained why some media files have blur. Russian media cannot publish uncensored media, and we don’t have any other media at the moment.
      Our repeated requests to the Moscow prosecutor’s office with a request to provide a video with dismemberment without censorship are ignored -)
      And yes, the answer to your question is in the FAQ.

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