Husband cuts off wife’s hand in front of child

Husband cut off his wife's hand

The man first beat his wife, and then chopped off her hand with an ax out of jealousy.

The couple was married for 6 years, but the man got hooked on drugs and quit his job. Following this, scandals began in the family, a woman with a child began to leave for her mother.

During another scandal, the man shaved his wife’s head, beat her and promised to put her on a chain in the garage.

He took an ax, put the woman’s hand on a stool and cut it off. At this time, their 5-year-old son entered the room, who had a tantrum from what he saw.

The man took the woman to the bathroom and forced her to clean the wound. The bath filled with blood and this sobered the tormentor. He was frightened and knocked on the doors of neighbors whom he told that his wife had high blood pressure and that they called an ambulance.
The man then fled, grabbing his wife’s severed hand.

The woman was saved by the doctors who came to the call, the man was detained a few days later in a rented apartment.

Perm, Russia.


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