The policeman shot the offender who refused to get out of the car


This event would have been commonplace for the United States, but the story took place in Ukraine.

The man was driving a car with his wife and daughter. When the police tried to stop the car, the man moved to the passenger seat in motion, and his wife got behind the wheel.

As it turned out later, the man was in a state of intoxication.

When the police blocked the car, they demanded that the woman get out of the car. The offender’s wife refused and the police used force. However, the woman’s husband stood up for his wife and attacked the police.

The female police officer received injuries to her face and head.

Policewoman suffered head and face injuries
Policewoman suffered head and face injuries

After that, the police officers used their service weapons and shot the man.

The incident caused a great resonance in social networks.

Dnipro, Ukraine.

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  1. Looks like the drunk man practiced punches on his wife and daughter quite often…..

    Hope the policewoman is ok. Nice body but remove that gay tattoo on your forearm…Your’re already a beautiful blonde woman, don’t screw it up.

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