Kitten soup. Residents of the city of Shakhty ate cats


A pensioner from the town of Shakhty, Rostov region, and her 30-year-old daughter collected kittens, killed, and then cooked their own food from them.
The woman’s kittens were taken from the market, ostensibly for sale and transfer into good hands. In fact, the kittens were killed and made into soup. The skins of the woman’s kittens were dried on the balcony.

The neighbors noticed that an unpleasant smell emanated from the apartment where the flayers lived. One of the neighbors managed to get into the apartment. The apartment was terribly unsanitary and half-dead kittens were running around.

Representatives of animal welfare were called to the scene and took the kittens to the shelter.
Currently, their lives are not in danger.

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  1. Look at these filty white women eating cats. I could only imagine how nasty a cat tastes. LOL 😆

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