Murder in the Moscow metro


The attack on the controller in the subway caught on CCTV cameras. It is reported that the woman controller died before the arrival of the ambulance from a brain hemorrhage.

Because of what the conflict flared up, it is not known, probably the attacker wanted to travel without a ticket. In the video, a man gets into a scuffle with a controller, and then kicks the fallen woman in the head.

Soon, a subway police officer appears and takes the attacker away. Details are still unknown, but if the death of a subway employee is confirmed, the attacker faces a prison term of 8 to 10 years for murder.

So I drove without a ticket and went to prison for 10 years.

Moscow, Russia.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. I’ve watched videos here about Russia and noticed the trend of how people in Russia starts attacking other for no reason ,even small arguments could lead to death. My conclusion is that average person is not happy with thier life and most of them are suffering from depression and anxiety because of low wages and poverty , this happens alot times.

    It’s interesting to see what Putin can do to make his country “atleast” better.

    1. They are in fact a depressing people.
      From the literature, film, etc.
      It’s also cold and grey and gloomy.
      Health care, education, social isolation, perception of corruption.
      And the wages are indeed shit compared to Western Europe and considering their standing in the world.
      Also, alcohol (spirits) plays a huge role. It should be illegal everywhere. It wreaks havoc on the individual, family and society.
      Finally, history hasn’t been the kindest to that place. They have suffered the most casulties in WW2, back when they were the Soviet Union, which is a topic in it’s own right.

  2. AmaiN f I hope they get Instagram community techsdfamilies like this on the street !! I truly hope instagrammer suffer tragedies I hate elon musk
    That guy needs to die already and so does his child !! I hate them they deserve the worst !! I truly hope Instagram suffers incidents and tragic suffering 👅👅

  3. Russland sollte die Todesstrafe wieder einführen!

  4. Hey guys I need Elon Musk to be assassinated. Thanks in advanced .

    I’d be happy if any Reddit techs suffer. If anything maybe their children can get hurt and harmed . Thank you

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