Murder in the style of Guy Ritchie films

A police officer and detectives were shot dead while they were waiting in ambush for drug dealers at a drug cache.

The police received information about a drug cache in the forest in which 2 kg (4,4lb) of mephedrone was stored. A local police officer with an assistant and an operational officer set up an ambush and waited for the drug dealer.

Soon a drug dealer appeared, but the arrest did not go according to plan. A drug dealer opened fire on police officers with a pistol.

As a result, one of them was killed on the spot, another was seriously wounded, the third was beaten with the butt of a pistol, and the drug courier fled with the drugs on a black motorcycle without license plates.

The announced “Siren” plan did not bring results. The Moscow region police were alerted, but failed to apprehend the killer.

Usually, in such cases, the police had to report the discovery of the cache to the drug department, but here the servants of the law decided to act on their own, for which they paid.

The street value of the drugs in the stash is estimated to be approximately $26,000.

Fryanovo-Chernogolovka, Moscow region, Russia.

UPD: The police tried to detain the motorcyclist at a stationary checkpoint, but he ignored the demands of the traffic police and disappeared. The owner of a black motorcycle from Tver was detained in hot pursuit, but he turned out to have an ironclad alibi. It looks like the police will be checking all owners of black motorcycles. Now a resident of the Moscow region town of Istra, to whom a black Yamaha motorcycle is registered, is under suspicion.



UPD2: After 2 days, the killer motorcyclist was found and arrested. It turned out to be Vasily Burakov, born in 1990. who was hiding in the forest near the town of Bely, Tver Region.

The man rode his bike 420 km (261 mi) and hid in the forest for three days before he was captured.

A warehouse of drugs and weapons was found in his garage: 8 kg (17lbs) of mephedrone, several briquettes of hashish, a package of ecstasy, a Kalashnikov assault rifle with a silencer, a Makarov pistol and cartridges.

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