Russia started a war with Ukraine


Today, February 24 at 5 am Moscow time, Russian President Putin delivered an address to the nation. In it, he announced the start of a military operation against Ukraine.

At the same time, a massive shelling of Ukrainian military facilities, military bases, ammunition depots, and defense plants began.

Map of the beginning of the war with Ukraine
Map of the beginning of the war with Ukraine

Throughout the morning of February 24, shelling continued with the use of artillery, rocket-propelled mortars, and cruise missiles.

In the morning, columns of Russian tanks crossed the Ukrainian border in several directions. The shelling continues.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky severed diplomatic relations with Russia.

Martial law has been introduced in Ukraine, the sounds of sirens announcing the attack are heard in the cities.

The Ukrainian army is fighting in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, which are partly under the control of the separatists.

There are no reports of casualties yet.

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  1. Finally the racists are getting owned

    1. Hey, that’s my name!

    2. Why do you hate Ukrainians so much? Russia, Israel and the US fucked your countries of Iraq and Libya, idiot. lol “mUh RaCiStS”

      1. “WhY YoU bEiNG rAcISsT” most of the idiots saying this go messing around being racists themselves.
        We don’t hate ukranians, but the government
        Its hands are stained by the blood of the innocents (Muslims), so is Russia
        What are you? American? no wonder those words you’re typing

  2. Yet when Iraq and Libya got invaded, nobody said anything.

    1. Author

      Unlike Iraq and Libya, Ukraine did not attack neighboring countries and did not carry out terrorist attacks. It was Putin who attacked Ukraine in 2014, annexed Crimea, and activated separatists in the Donbass.
      And he got away with it all. Europe and the USA raised a new Hitler.

      1. Ukraine did contribute to Iraq/Syria wars
        Since the fall of the Islamic Caliphate, Muslims are like the cake that everyone intends to have a part of, Even for the likes of Ukraine and Bulgaria

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