The man stabbed his wife, two children and committed suicide

The man killed himself and his family

The father of two children came to the apartment of his wife, whom she rented and with particular cruelty dealt with his wife and his children 7 and 11 years old.

The family was in a divorce proceedings, the woman left her husband and settled separately.

On the night of December 27, her husband visited her; witnesses saw him at about 2 am.

In the morning, the woman’s mother entered the apartment and saw 4 corpses.

A woman, two children and the father of the family were killed.

On the corpses, including the corpses of children, there were numerous stab wounds.

Woman, 35-year-old Svetlana Kuropatkina worked as a kindergarten teacher and decided to divorce her husband. For this, she rented a separate apartment and moved there with the children.

Neighbors claim that there were scandals in the family.
In October this year, a woman fled with her children after she was beaten by her husband, 38-year-old Nikolai Kuropatkin. It is noted that the man ran a Telegram channel about a healthy lifestyle.

The investigation believes that the man first stabbed his wife, then the children and committed suicide.

Video from the scene:


Kansk, Russia.

Why such things happen in Russia, see this post.

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