Self-immolation live on Facebook


A 16-year-old boy committed self-immolation on Facebook live. He doused himself with a flammable liquid from a bottle and set himself on fire.

As a result, the teenager received third-degree burns and was taken to the hospital, but died soon after.

Casablanca, Morocco.

A source

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  1. Lol. Do you ever put yourself in the mind of the stupid weird fucking idiot that you’re watching on this site? I honestly wonder every time just what in the fuck is going through these people’s heads as they go about nonchalanty setting themselves on fire or chopping off their fingers or hanging themselves or whatever have you. It’s like another day for them. Fucking weird place this world is

    1. Most of the time it’s because of the HYPOCRITE society people take these horrible desicion. I firmly believe that often school shooting happens due to bullying and the victim is thus, pushed to such state where killing is the ONLY option left. As a girl who was bullied ..both verbally and physically by both girls and boys , i can relate why teen sucide rates are very high in south korea.

  2. fucking stupid kaffer



  3. He said that people assaulted him, and a strange boy voice sounded like he was trying to stop the dude from suicide

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