ISIS mass execution


ISIS terrorists execute a large number of men. One group was shot in a shallow pit, and the second group was shot on the bank of the river and the corpses were thrown into the water.

Probably Syria.

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  1. Who is “people”?
    You are saying Syrians care more about white people getting killed than their own people?

    1. FUCK ALLAH, FUCK MOHAMMED, FUCK ISIS, FUCK ISLAM, FUCK MUSLIM! bunch of parasitic Religion that deserves to be erased from this world

      1. كس امك يااخو الشرموطة

  2. LOL u mad Islam is the only true religion? U mad everyone converts to Islam? Ur behaviour shows what a type of hatred bum u guys are, say these words again at the day of judgement, nothing of what ISIS does is consistent with Islam.

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