Beat the girl, urinated in the face


The girl was stripped, beaten and urinated on her face as punishment for stealing drugs.


109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



    1. Such a simple question, but difficult to answer shortly.
      Drugs in Russia are distributed by hired drug couriers. Sometimes drug couriers steal drugs. This spoils the reputation of the “shop” of drugs.
      Then stealing drug couriers are caught and do what you saw.
      The drug dealer won’t go to the police.

      1. Bro imagine telling the police your drugs are stolen. Actually theres a few cases in my country (3rd world, more than 200 million population, 90% are dumbasses, asia, can u guess where im from)

        1. please i think that the word her usage is wrong on possessive! its supposedly hers!

        2. When you apply as a courier to a Russian drug store, you provide electronic copies of your documents.
          There is a real interview.
          You then post a bond of about $500 and are given drugs to place in a specific location in the city.
          These are some of the so-called “bookmarks”.
          If everything goes well after 3-4 times the deposit is returned.
          But some drug couriers are starting to do their business.
          Most often, part of the drug is mixed with other ingredients, and the drug courier sells the rest on his own.
          Sometimes drug couriers just steal drugs and disappear with them.
          Of course the drug store owner won’t go to the police.
          For this, there are sports guys who find unlucky drug couriers and we see what happens in this video.
          Payments for drug couriers are very high by Russian standards.
          From $3 to $6K per month, and this is with an average salary in Russia of about $500.
          The temptation is so great that even a long prison term does not stop those who want to work as drug couriers.

    2. aaaa why the her is not hers on description video?

  1. if that is all she got she got off easy

  2. why am i not able to watch these vidos

    1. Because your mother’s 386DX Windows 3.1 computer doesn’t have the proper architecture.

  3. Bătută la fund și peste fund cu cureaua dat și palme peste fata si trasă de păr.

  4. Bate o la fund dai peste fata.pune bati pe fundu eu după aceea trebuie fututa

  5. I hope America sends troops for Ukraine. russia would be fucked because your saveges. who does this. Iv had drugs stolen and never thought of doing this. Russian people dont suport this mostly.

    1. “American Hero” had his drugs stolen once

  6. Thats why russia cant finish a country a third of there size and just had there bridge blown again. You fucks are pedophiles and savages.

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