Execution. Burning alive


Some countries in Africa still practice the burning of women alive accused of witchcraft.

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  1. What’s with 30 second videos when other gore sites and the full thing?

  2. humanity is failing, deteriorating, and wavering into nothing but stupidity….

      1. So you say we should kill ALL black people so only white race remains?
        Are you that fucked up?

        1. Not very nice what DARWIN said, but where did he say he wants all black people killed?? O wait, he didn’t! Are you that fucked up?

        2. Never mind.. Guess you wanted to reply to Fun fun best Juan. Yep, he said it. He is fucked up.

      2. La concha de tu madre pinche rasista

    1. You’re right
      This many centuries and witches still can’t learn?
      They’re winning even
      So many children suicides
      So much “self inflicted” harm
      Kill them all before they make world war three

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