Pit bull attack


And bit off her face. Argentina

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. I saw this same video about drug cartel cut off face

    1. Hey its hers face not her face you did it or not

  2. Seeing a picture of the dog dead would be very satisfying.

      1. It would you degenerate dog lover. I bet you jack off to dog porn sick fuck.

        1. Holy fuck chill it’s not that deep dogs are just better people 😂

        2. I bet you jack off to dead dog porn you sick fuck

    1. Im guessing the dogs name was cupcake

  3. doesn’t that hurt? why he/she smiling?

    1. Smile for the camera…a little too much red makeup

    2. Esto Me Recuerda Al Video De Funkytowngore Y Al De Quiero Agua

  4. I think Joe Schmoe is right, seems more like a punishment, with the entire scalp being gone and such. Also ask yourself: why are there no scratches or wounds on her arms from fending of the supposed pit bull?
    A reddit-commentator (yeah, I know. But still) claimed to have seen earlier versions where her husband was to blame for the skinning. Around the 00:20 you can see a line of coke on the table on the right, which would make some kind of home invasion or martial dispute gone haywire due to drug frenzy even more plausible.

    1. I don’t think that she died, she gripped the chair so hard. Probably it helps for the investigation if she’s alive

  5. guys that victim is not a woman but a man.
    please do not having a sexism inside the website!
    her = him
    hers = his
    please do not overuse the word her on possesive pronoun!
    ow man that’s ugly method to calling the victim a female?

  6. title is misleading or mislabeled or whatever but no way a fucking pit bull would do that, look at that shit! it looks like it came out of a Predator movie, kinda reminds me of Predator 2 in los angles

  7. So no one helps they just stand around scratch their butt.

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