Man skinned alive


In this video, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) removes skin from a living person, cutting flesh with a knife from the chest. This video was first published in 2018.


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  1. disturbing and insane!!!!!!!!

      1. Jaja me encanta como reza suplicando por que acabe su sufrimienro oh pase un milagro como llega a colapsar mentalmente recordado a su madre jaja 😂😂

    1. You are sick!! I hope you wil get some help. If not, Please kill yourself. We dont need you on this planet.

    2. You are sick!! I hope you will get some help. If not, Please kill yourself. We dont need you on this planet.

  2. May God destroy CJNG. Please brothers, join in prayer that God may destroy these cruel bastards among men. Please pray, and sincerely ask Jesus.

    1. They’re supplying the world with drugs. They aint going anywhere son. They will continue killing their own countrymen, neighbors and potentially family, for money.
      Mexican cartels are billion dollar bussineses, you can’t pray them away, you naive fool.

      1. Yep, God is going to sit this one out, nothing pisses me off more when people say they are going to pray away the evil. Pick up a weapon and go do something about it. I blame floride.

    2. Fuck you nigga who’s gonna supply us with coke and meth then? We need these niggas to mutilate the fuck out of each other. Violence and gore is good.

      1. were you raised by a fucking retard? because it sure as hell seems like it, if you think that gore and death is good, why dont you be in this video because i would love to watch it you cock eating stegosaurus

  3. Now if the skinned his genitals first, I might volunteer…

  4. 狗屎!这些家伙的折磨手段越来越狠了,没人希望被他们抓住

    1. These are my fav type of murder videos not just where u kill a Nigger immediately u torture em before u Kill em

  5. It’s aright he just need a bandade.

  6. Not treu hes a cjng member killed by los viagras..
    This site is bs wrong information

    1. i mean, by the way he looks like hes in aginizing pain, and hes bleeding everywhere, id say yea he is COMPLETLY fine. NO YOU FUCKING MENTALLY RETARDED ROCK

  7. うわぁwトラウマになりそう

    1. then why did you visited this website if you can’t handle the gore? -)

  8. i want to fucking eat the meat they cut off cook it up like a steak i want to cut off woman tits cook it up like jello and eat


  10. ‘jo no mache a nadie’ – I didnt kill anyone, he said

  11. Pretty soon American military will be sent there and God himself will be with us. The cartels will be exterminated.

    1. There is no such thing as ” gods ” . The cartels exterminated by the americunts ? Lol you fear them like cowards, you declared war on drugs, but never you went over there.

      Your army is shit and can only fight sand niggers and third world countries who uses rocks as weapons. The cartels though ? I can’t wat to see amercuck soldiers being flayed alive on video…

  12. He’s a hit man from other rival cartel. So he deserves it.

    1. You are sick!! I hope you will get some help. If not, Please kill yourself. We dont need you on this planet.

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