Spanking a drug dealer


The drug dealer is brutally beaten with a whip and a cable

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. Little white trash BITCH lol. Looked just like the last video I watched of the African being flogged. You white trash are suppose to be more “civilized and innovative” LMFAO garbage is what you all are.

    1. Lmao. The cope is real. Who you kidding?

  2. I’ve been looking for this video for awhile, as I was only able to see stills from the film. Anyway, The back story seems to change every time it’s brought up. This one says he was a drug dealer. Another story said he was a rapist and/or a pedo. Another version said he was a captured prisoner of war. Then a terrorist, an army deserter… And it all leaves me wondering if all of these different stories are just the result of ppl being too scared to admit that there are just some mean, cold blooded, genuine article-Violent psychopaths that will whip someone to death and laugh about it over beers later. Are we all just kinda too scared to admit that it “could be me” ? Oh well, maybe the real reason was that he simply forgot his safeword.

    1. Author

      You can write anything under this video, but this is the punishment of the drug dealer.
      The executor asks him:
      – Why do you have a syringe? Why did you bring him?
      – Do you use drugs?
      The victim says that he does not use drugs, but the syringe of his acquaintance.
      Voice behind the scene:
      – Here it is, the punishment. Don’t go to jail, here (look) fucking! Casting out demons (humor). It’s just a drug dealer.
      And at the end the executor says
      – Drug addicts, come. Only unlike drug dealers, we will make you work. We finish the assholes on the spot. I broke (about him) a whip. We do not have a special torture instrument and we do our job with the instrument that we have.
      Come, it will be so with everyone.
      There is a lot of slang in the conversation.

      Background of this video: Cossacks beat up a drug dealer.
      I can’t say exactly where it happened. Perhaps it was in Russia or Ukraine. But judging by the accent, it is still Russia.

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