Woman beats up a man


A woman beats the bound man with a stick. It can be assumed that this is her relative. An example of female domination from life. India.

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  1. I’m guessing he made the mistake of falling asleep around that crazy bitch…

  2. South Indians and Bengalis are the most stupid, docile, effeminate and cringe men of India with no self respect. They often get beaten to death by their stupid whorish feminist wives.

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      2. teri ma ka lund bhnklodey haryaney t hu ar bhidtey ae gend maarduga lodu , jai jaat

      3. OK people, stop mouth-fuck each others…..that ‘woman’ could be a Hijra, beating the man for sleeping with other men or Hijras ….. over 90 million of Hijras in India sure the hindu men and hindu priests love and can’t resist

  3. how you finna get beat by a woman? you could literally drag the dumb female by her hair and drop her ass in the river.

    1. You’re name is sigma_deity, shut you bitch boy mouth, beta male lookin ass

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