Death of a Ukrainian saboteur (Fake)


The authorities of the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic (ORDLO) have provided a video recording of the liquidation of Ukrainian saboteurs who were trying to carry out a terrorist attack at the Stirol chemical plant located in separatist-controlled territory.

According to reports, a group of saboteurs had foreign-style equipment and spoke in Polish.

One of the saboteurs had a video camera on his helmet and these are first-person shots of the battle.

Two saboteurs were killed, three more retreated towards the line of demarcation of fire.

Editorial comment:

In light of the ongoing provocations by Russia and the self-proclaimed republics of the DPR and LPR against Ukraine, this video can be anything at all. We publish footage that appeared on the network and are not responsible for the statements of ORDLO.

UPD: The file “Death of a Ukrainian saboteur” turned out to be a fake. File creation date February 8, 2022.

Evidence of a fake file about Ukrainian saboteurs
Evidence of a fake file about Ukrainian saboteurs

We will not delete this file. Let this be a reminder to the Russian authorities about the unprincipled provocation against Ukraine.

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