Mercenaries of the Wagner Group smash the limbs of a captive with a sledgehammer


Mercenaries from the Wagner Group smash the limbs of a captured ISIS fighter with a sledgehammer to cheerful music.

The Wagner Group is a private military company controlled by Vladimir Putin’s friend Yevgeny Prigozhin.

The group recruits men who have completed military service in the Russian army.

The Wagner Group is essentially mercenaries and acts contrary to and outside the field of Russian legislation, which directly prohibits mercenarism 359 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

The Wagner group operates in Ukraine, Syria, the Central African Republic, Venezuela and several other countries with repressive dictatorial regimes.


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  1. It’s not ISIS but an soldier of Al Asaad deserter

  2. He was forcibly conscripted to the Syrian Military and he didn’t want to fight so he defected but two years later came back to syria and they arrested him and this horrible war crimes happened to him just because he didn’t want to shoot anybody. they did this to prevent any more defections from the syrian military.
    and I’m sad to say that it worked

  3. The Russians just helping civilians like they are doing in the Ukraine to women and children.

  4. Link

    Wagner recruiting prisoners now.
    “No retreat, no surrender”. I’d love to see him on the frontlines. The cameras are rolling so he’s trying to make them look as if they’re not getting absolutely destroyed left and right, that morals and Geneva conventions matter, and no drugs and no alcohol.
    A Slav with no strong spirit drink is like a Pope that doesn’t fuck kids. Especially one actively fighting in a war.

    Getting pretty desperate. Wouldn’t it be more viable to give incentives to join the regular military rather than a notorious group of mercs where you basically burn a bridge to society after joining? What employment can you have after Wagner if you decide to leave?
    “There is no option to return to prison”, ironically that’s the only option for these hoodlums. Or maybe not, in Russia, people like that get positions of power after all.

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    1. This is a stereotype about the Slavs. For example, the content manager of this site does not drink alcohol and does not smoke.

      As for Wagner, there is a video circulating on Russian social networks of Putin’s friend Prigozhin recruiting prisoners for Wagner.

      There is a conversational genre, we did not publish it. The meaning of his speech: I need stormtroopers and you will be stormtroopers. After 6 months, a full amnesty, regardless of the severity of the crime committed earlier.
      There are three sins in Wagner: Desertion or surrender, use of alcohol and drugs, looting, and sexual intercourse “with local residents, flora, fauna, anyone” (literal quote).

      For these sins, we will shoot you.
      Many prisoners agree, especially repeat offenders and those with sentences ranging from 10 to 30 years.

      1. You’re joking about the stereotype right? Because I have seen you call the content manager a drunk several times because people complained about typos or wrong locations in descriptions lol. Aren’t you the one that writes the descriptions anyway? Are you the content manager?

        He said those are the three sins, because of the cameras. How accurate is this assumption? He looks like a fucking criminal himself. Not to mention, look at the video above. Is this behavior accepted? Did the lot above get reprimanded for this torture session? They didn’t seem to be too afraid of filming and publishing it.

        Let’s be real, regular soldiers rape, drink and loot in wars. On top of that, these are prisoners. How disciplined can anyone expect them to be? People that end up in prison are usually already on the far extreme of impulsivity, aggression and risk taking, and are usually men. They probably already raped, killed, and stole.

        1. Perhaps I wrote something like this for a joke. But it’s a fact content manager Ser034 doesn’t drink alcohol or smoke.
          By the way, he smoked and drank alcohol, this is my old friend.
          And a couple of days ago it was his birthday.
          Yes, I sometimes make descriptions in English, and then I ask Ser034 to correct my mistakes -)
          He speaks English quite well, unlike me.

          All right. Prigozhin is a criminal. He was in prison for several years, but nevertheless he is an oligarch and a friend of Putin.
          99% of videos of this nature leak into the network with the permission of the Office of the President of Russia.
          This is an obvious stuffing so that prisoners in other colonies watch this video.
          To make it clear to you: about 80% of Russians are for the war in Ukraine, but they want to sit on the couch, eat popcorn and watch brave guys in green camouflage fight.
          They are not ready to go and fight.
          The Ukrainian army will grind these prisoners to dust, I have no doubt about it.
          The comments don’t allow more to be said.

          1. 80% now? I think I asked you before and it was like 20-30% or something. Apparently the approval has increased.

            Assuming it’s correct and not government propaganda, then this makes it not just about Putin anymore. It’s Russia. Well, I don’t see Russia repairing their sentiment across the globe easily any time soon, now that a majority of you support the war.

            The prisoners will get smoked because they’re untrained cannon fodder. Soldiering is a serious matter and they need to be trained for a year at least.

            Maybe it’s an economic decision; the prisons get freed up, less resources wasted on them, + you get cannon fodder for the war. Otherwise you would have a bunch of people destined to die in prison anyway. So win win?
            Except the videos are leaked and you (Prigozhin) lose face.

          2. Yes, and there is no contradiction here. 20% are categorically against the war, 20-30% are rabid militarists, the rest, as I said, are chewing popcorn and watching how it all ends.
            And this bulk of the population is not ready to die for Putin.

            Not certainly in that way. They recruit people from prisons because no one wants to go to war. They have no other choice but to hire outcasts for the war.

            According to our human rights organizations, they recruited about 10,000 people from prisons. This is too little.

            In general, nothing new. According to the good old Russian tradition, we will pave the road to victory with the corpses of our hundred citizens.
            Only in this case there will be no victory. Ukrainians are defending their Motherland, but what we are defending is not clear.

            No. Prigozhin revels in his speech to the prisoners. From a Russian point of view, this is cool. Features of the Russian mentality.

          3. That’s another thing. The motive for war is unclear and/or unrealistic.


            The video above is interesting to me. It shows the genuine reactions of two normal sane people. I’m assuming he’s talking to his parents? They both pause for a few seconds after he reveals what is happening, and are in disbelief and are dissapointed.
            The man sarcastically says “so this is our army” after hearing they are resorting to eating dogs, after having been forced to listen to all those ridiculous claims of superiority by state propaganda over the course of his life in Russia.
            The woman is disgusted by the rape of the girl, she doesn’t even know what to say.

          4. You in the West do not own even a hundredth of the information about what is happening in the occupied territories of Ukraine.
            Eating dogs and raping girls is the least.
            The intercepts contain stories about the torture of Ukrainians in detail, and on the other end of the conversation they approve of it. Russian soldiers tell this to their wives and mothers. Do you understand what’s in the minds of these people?

            The UN should deal with all this, and the officials responsible for war crimes and the direct perpetrators should be punished.
            Torture, executions, total looting.

            I was in a culture shock from the Ukrainian woman’s story. She said that the Russian Buryats drank water from the toilet bowl because they had never seen a toilet bowl and did not know what it was.
            They steal washing machines, televisions, gas boilers in homes and even dog kennels.
            It is likely that Russia will be subjected to a trial similar to the Nuremberg Tribunal.

            And if someone in the West supports Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, then at best he is a useful idiot, and at worst an agent of the Kremlin.

          5. Now that you mention it, I remember an intercept of a wife allowing and encouraging her husband to rape Ukrainian women.


            And another one encouraging her husband to steal. Going into details about furniture and clothes, t shirts and shoes.

            It’s pretty abhorrent and disgusting behavior. I agree.
            The problem is, usually after wars, the populace usually washes their hands off the whole thing. In their encounters with non-Russians, they will pretend that they were one of those that didn’t approve of any of it, they hated Putin, etc. Meanwhile they’re as morally corrupt as the rest of their compatriots.
            In a way I’m glad the war happened, because it was a mistake, and you don’t stop an enemy when he’s making a mistake. Now they are just accelerating their own doom, instead of playing it safely like everyone else. The gas / energy shortage for the West can be weathered easier than Russia can ever recover from this economically / politically. Only problem is, innocent civilians suffer the most from shit decisions like this.

          6. You’re absolutely right. Russia is heading towards its collapse, just like Hitler’s Germany.

            I will add that the soldiers of the LPR and DPR behave even worse. They steal women’s underwear, children’s shoes, used underpants and bras from abandoned houses, tear out radiators to sell them for scrap.

      2. Don’t know if you seen the full video, but they chop his head, hands and feet off, and hang him upside down and then burn him, spraying flammable liquids on him occasionally, all in that order.

  5. Retards, they should be working together against enemy of all people, nasty stinky jew bitch.

    1. You’re desperately trying to pull an owl onto a globe.
      The enemy of the whole world is Putin and his Russia. And what about the Jews?

      1. the jew is enemy of all people, russia and isis should work together to kill Israel.

        1. There are 2 options for uniting Russia and ISIS against the Jews – fantastic and realistic.
          Realistic is when aliens arrive from the planet Nibiru and unite Russia and ISIS.

          1. And what bout fantastic?

  6. What’s the music song called?

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