Real fight. Assault on Ukrainian positions


Russian military storm Ukrainian positions. In the first part of the video, a Russian soldier kills 2 Ukrainian servicemen who are shouting: ‘Our own!’. In the second part, the assault group fires indiscriminately from automatic weapons. At the end, the Russian soldier asks the cameraman to share some ammo with him.


There is an opinion that the killed are not soldiers of the AFU, but Russian intelligence officers dressed in Ukrainian uniforms. This explains the Russian accent and the reluctance to hand over the weapon. The soldier in the video shouts “Our own!”.
Below commentators have presented evidence that looks convincing.

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  1. Sometimes I look at those combat vids and think: we are either idiots or cowards, or both, for going to war for politicians who would never massacre themselves like this. Nay, they shake hands and smile every time they meet. Meanwhile faceless nameless people are massacring other faceless nameless people, raping and torturing eachother, because a group of politicians want to fill their pockets up or are having ego trips

    1. Author

      You are 100% right about this with respect to the Russians. Ukrainians are fighting for their Motherland, and Russians are fighting for Putin.
      Russians do not distinguish between the concepts of “Motherland” and “State”.
      And when I ask my compatriots about this, in response I hear only undisguised aggression on their part.
      Now I understand how the anti-fascists felt in Nazi Germany.

      1. Well, I doubt that all of them are fighting for Putin as you put it. Many are probably fighting because of fear of social exclusion, and other social pressures. There are some fanatics probably but I think the majority is just fighting because that’s their only employable skill at the moment, don’t want to leave their comrades, like war to some degree, want to die young, are hoping for opportunities to loot, and mostly because they have to, otherwise they’ll get shot and/or socially excluded.

        1. Author

          They are fatalists and poisoned by propaganda. Often I hear such “I was called and I went.” That is, people have no idea how to resist.
          Many experts said that the Russians would rebel if mobilization began, but this did not happen. Many people just left the country.
          As I said, they confuse concepts. They say that they are fighting for the Motherland, but no one attacked our Motherland. So it turns out that they are fighting for Putin’s power.

          1. Well, propaganda says that Ukraine is indeed part of the Motherland, therefore, they are defending / retaking it. That sort of answers that potential motive.
            That’s what I’ve read about Russian propaganda anyway. Something about Ukraine being the “cradle of Russian civilization”.
            Regardless, remember those SSU intercepts where the russian soldiers are saying “fuck Putin, let him come and fight his war”, “I want to leave as soon as possible”, “it’s not like in the news, we are dying left and right”, now that they’re losing, its understandable that they have these reactions, but what do you think these soldiers would tell you if you asked them why they are going to fight in Ukraine back in the beggining? “I want to fight for Putin”? Probably not that. They are all fighting for Putin, however, what do you think THEIR motive is for going to fight? What’s their own personal reason? Besides not being able to resist as you put it. That’s what I’m curious about

          2. Author

            Right. So say the Russian ultra-Nazis. “Ukraine should not exist, it is an artificial state.”
            But state propaganda does not say so. They say that Ukraine is a threat because it aspires to join NATO, that Russians are infringed upon in Ukraine and the Russian language is banned.
            They had such a reaction a very long time ago, since the end of March last year, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to attack.
            When they went to fight in Ukraine, some of them did not know at all what was happening until they crossed the border into Ukraine.
            They thought that it would be a pleasure walk and that the Ukrainians would meet them with flowers.
            Now some of them go to war after listening to propaganda, but most of them because of money.
            In the regions of Russia, a salary of $ 300 is considered large. Moreover, even such a job is difficult to find.
            They are offered $1800-2000 and they go.
            And it seems to the mobilized that they have no choice, that they will be sent to prison if they evade appearing at the military registration and enlistment office.
            And the combination of these factors leads to the fact that they go to die in Ukraine.
            All this is arranged so that Putin remains in power. After all, if Russia loses, then at best, Putin will face exile, and at worst, prison or even death.
            That is why I say that they are going to die not for their Motherland, but for Putin.

          3. It’s good that you made the distinction between Russian ultranationalist and government propaganda. However, are you sure those two don’t overlap to some degree?
            Also, 2000~$ for each soldier? Where is all this money coming from? Government budget, private oligarch funds?
            And now you remind me, just how did they not know what was going on in Ukraine? How could they be so clueless?
            And why would they expect the Ukrainians to meet them with flowers, if you just said that they’re told by the state that Ukraine wants to join NATO and sees Russians as enemies, who they are opressing in Ukraine? Do you instead mean the supposed Russian “loyalists” / Russian-speaking population in the eastern part of Ukraine; Donetsk, Luhansk, etc, would meet them with flowers, for “liberating” them from Western-leaning Ukraine?

          4. Author

            They intersect only in one thing – Ukrainians need to be killed.
            Russian ultra-Nazis are too radical for the state propaganda machine.
            Moreover, they criticize the state for the mediocrity of generals, corruption and insufficiently tough measures in relation to the population of Russia itself.

            This money is paid by the state. More precisely, he promises to pay, but promising does not mean getting married. This amount is received by soldiers on the front line.
            As soon as the serviceman gets to the rear, this amount decreases. And the soldier will receive not 2000, but 1000 or less.

            Over the past 8 years, propaganda has been saying: The Nazis have seized power in Ukraine, they are infringing on the Russian-speaking population, they are killing Russians. We are obliged to help them.
            At the same time, all as one Russian soldiers who were captured at the beginning of the war say that they were told that they were going to the exercises. But they began to guess that this was not so when they crossed the border of Ukraine.
            Then, in their words, they simply followed orders.

            Propaganda said: the Russian army will take Kyiv in 3 days, the locals will be happy to be liberated from Nazism.
            They were sure of this and were very surprised when the Ukrainians took to the streets of their cities with national flags and shouted to them “Russians go away!”

            No, I didn’t mean them. There are quite a lot of collaborators in Ukraine. Russia has deployed a large intelligence network. These people transmitted information about military installations, directed Russian artillery and aircraft.
            Russia allocated huge amounts of money from the budget for subversive activities in Ukraine. But something happened that should have happened in a corrupt state – the money was stolen.
            On paper, everything was fine, the generals from the GRU and the FSB reported to Putin that insurgent groups loyal to Russia had been created in Ukraine. These groups were supposed to help the Russian army.
            In fact, everything turned out to be wrong. Putin decided to invade, confident that the population of Ukraine would support the overthrow of Zelensky’s power, but this did not happen.

            At the beginning of the war, the SBU arrested collaborators in batches, now these are isolated cases.

          5. That’s the thing, how can the real motive of an operation be hidden from such a big army? Even prisons around the world have TVs / some even have internet. They know what is happening outside. I think it wouldn’t matter even if they knew, you’re getting orders to do your job, are you going to risk disobeying your superiors? Highly unlikely. On top of some of them not even seeing a problem with fighting the war to begin with.
            Anyway, apparently the situation is so ironic that even Putin is having problems seeing things through due to corruption. It’s like, even the corruption has corruption.

            This war is a great opportunity for the West to weaken Russia. Think about it, they don’t even have to send soldiers. They just send military equipment, and use the Ukrainians as cannon fodder and operators of said equipment, be it tanks, drones, planes, infantry weapons. It’s like, the perfect bare minimum before having to get your own hands dirty. Give the weaponry to the Ukrainians and let them risk their lives instead.

          6. Author

            They don’t bother analyzing information. The vast majority of them watch TV where there is continuous propaganda.
            Russian big fatalists. “I was mobilized and I’m going to defend the Motherland.” They have no idea that they might not come back.

            Right. The West says bluntly: we will weaken Russia to such a state that she will not be able to continue the war. Russia has many resources, but they are not unlimited. The war could last a year, maybe two. Then the irreversible process of decay will begin.

            Ukraine receives an insufficient amount of weapons, this became clear after Zaluzhny’s interview with The Economist.
            The motive of the West is also understandable: they do not want Ukraine to win quickly so that the process of Russia’s disintegration does not begin. They do this not because they are such humanists, but because it is much more convenient for them to negotiate with one person, and not with 5-6 local kings whose territory is full of nuclear weapons.

            I think that when the West helped Russia in the 90s, they were driven by this very motive.

  2. On this video russian soldier kills two soldiers from russian vanger terrorists organization.

    1. Author

      Wagner? Ok, but how do you explain that these alleged Wagner combatants are wearing Ukrainian uniforms and they have yellow armbands that are used by the AFU?

        1. I had my doubts about this. It’s too stupid for a soldier of the AFU to shout “Own” while wearing his uniform with a Russian accent. I thought that the state of shock of this fighter caused an inadequate reaction.

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  4. Looks convincing. I will correct the description.

    1. The video is definitely ukrainian military. The person on the left actively conducted social networks. In particular, he has a video from this very place, as in the video. There is also another video from the scene of the incident, where the russian military says that they examined the video in the phone of the killed, also confirming that it is the ukrainian military. I can send video via telegram @Xdotgparume

      1. Yeah I seen it to. People forget that alot of soldiers in the Ukraine army speak Russian and let Russia army to fight with Ukraine. So the accent does not mean anything. And I seen that guys social media before he died. He is dead and these are REAL Ukraine soldiers. Ukraine even talked about this loss.

  5. I’ve thrown a couple of grenades during my time overseas. So many people don’t understand how difficult it is to get one on target. Even though dude missed the target he was damn close enough to rattle the two dudes.

  6. Putin’s a little bitch. That tiny little man wouldn’t last 4 minutes on a battlefield.

  7. It’s a shame when similar peoples fight wars amongst each other. Similar to how is Americans fought the Germans (largest ethnic group in USA is those of us with German ancestry). I say no more brother wars.

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