Rocket attack on the crossing across the Dnieper


The Armed Forces of Ukraine launched a missile attack on a pontoon crossing across the Dnieper near Kherson.

In the first part of the video, a Russian fighter nervously prays that his unit will successfully cross the Dnieper on a pontoon bridge. At the end of the video, explosions and the beginning of shelling are heard.

In the second part, the shell-shocked soldier screams, obscene comments of what is happening and the screams of the wounded are heard.

A few weeks earlier, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed both bridges across the Dnieper and the supply of the Russian group on the right bank became difficult. Periodically, the Russian army builds pontoon bridges and creates ferry crossings that are also fired upon by rockets, mainly Himars.

Kherson region, Ukraine.

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  1. Probably got his eardrums ruptured from the shockwave.

  2. I see now that this site is moronically biased towards one side.. amnesty international will expose all the actual war crimes soon enough.

    1. You can see anything, but I will explain why you have the opinion of bias.
      Military censorship operates in Russia, mobile phones are taken away from military personnel.
      Video from the Ukrainian side is much larger than from the Russian side.
      Those few videos filmed by the Russian military, with rare exceptions, are filmed by Russian military journalists loyal to the aggressive war unleashed by Russia.
      You, citizens of Western countries, can be shown any fake and you will believe in it, but we, the citizens of Russia and Ukraine, cannot be deceived.
      Deception is easy to uncover if you know the features of the field uniform, the technical features of armored vehicles, etc.
      Yes, you have the right to doubt, but I made a detailed analysis of this video for you in the comments.
      I can do a detailed analysis of this video.

  3. From 1:30 I was waiting for an “Ahhhhh get to tha choppaaahhh”

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