The murder of a Russian POW


A Ukrainian soldier kills a Russian prisoner of war with several shots to the head. First, he tries to ask the prisoner from which unit he is and checks if he has grenades on his body. Obscene language and the slogan ‘Glory to Ukraine!’ are heard

Bakhmut, Ukraine.

Important update!
A serviceman of the AFU who shot a Russian soldier made a video appeal.
This military man’s name is Sergei Makarenko. He explained that the man he had shot in the head was not a prisoner of war.
These were Wagner PMC mercenaries who tried to attack the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Bakhmut area. A group of AFU soldiers came in from behind and took the mercenaries by surprise. There was no talk of surrender. This is indirectly confirmed by the fact that the voice-over demands to check the presence of grenades on the soldiers lying on the ground.
PMC ‘Wagner’ fighters are set to blow themselves up with a grenade in case of a threat of being captured.
We will leave the video description and title unchanged.
Link to Makarenko’s video message.
(Video in Ukrainian, accompanying text in Russian.)

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    1. лучше сам сдохни, двуличный ублюдок.

    1. Author

      It was under this heading that this video appeared in Russian publics. We will not change the title even though there is a rebuttal. Let this remain as a reminder that videos can have different contexts.

  1. All slavs should get fucking killed i hate Ukraine as i hate Russia stupid people

    1. Проще уничтожить тебя чем всех славян.

  2. what does it matter if it’s wagner or not, it’s still a fucking war crime, guy didn’t even have hands on his chest to blow himself up, had it in the back of his head

    amazing people protecting war crimes from ukrainians but when it’s russia people shit they pants fr.

    1. Author

      You take it wrong. Nobody defends Ukrainian war criminals. Read the commentary on this video again.
      Soldiers of the AFU carried out a successful counterattack. There was no talk of surrender. Nobody raised their hands, nobody waved a white flag.
      And when the Ukrainian soldier did not like the behavior of the Wagner fighter lying on the ground, he simply shot him in the head.
      For some reason, you are not embarrassed when American special forces finish off wounded terrorists.
      And what would you have done in the place of this soldier, when the enemy lying on the ground tried to kill you a couple of minutes ago?

  3. Russia’s Army & Mercenaries deserve to die, or they should go back to the Russian Nazi country for the rest of their live, and they’ll cry about their shit brothers & or units dead.

    Russia’s Army started this war and I hope he is now Nazi Putin. No more President or else title, but Nazi Putin. What a bitch


    1. And what shall we do with the USA and with the American people? Double bastard.

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