Attack of dogs on a child


In China, they eat dogs, but this time the opposite happened – two dogs tore a small child to pieces.


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  1. I can’t watch it ?
    It’s very painful oh my God why there is nobody to help this child?oops

    1. they were to busy filming it, the dogs are innocent however the person filming it in my opinion is guilty of murder plus. You film this material and do nothing than you are the true culprit but hey ppl. make good money with this, note its from china, why are you surprised?

      1. Shut up pussy, id watch your mother get raped on the streets and walk by like nothing happened. You going to cry little bitch? You expect people to get involved in something that isn’t connected to them, I’m not batman retard. You can go play vigilantly, watch how fast you end up on this site.

  2. thats why i run over dogs every time with my car, sometimes i poison them and they die day or few days later, also i shoot more that 10 dogs

    1. Another little twerp with low testosterone. Get your hormone levels checked, something’s not right.

    2. You will turn into a serial killer someday

    3. your a goof, i hope this “deadhouse” page connects with the authorities as they do whether they like it or not, this material is totally monitored, as for you , you are a criminal and the authorities need to investigate you. If not i have no problem reporting you.

      1. Deadhouse has nothing to do with the authorities. Let’s not conspiracy theories -)

    4. omg! fuck dogs and jews lol hahahahahahhahahahahaha, ok stupid, look we all are being watched , i get it your upset about a child being hurt, that is good and understandable buuut but what if the child was a jewish child? Dude this video was filmed by somone making money off of this. the dogs are innocent , its the asshole filming it that is evil and that is chinese style, or better yet asian style, they get off on weird twists of violence and sex cause thats what they do. lol you seriously think this comes from regular media? its a snuff flic for the joy of nastiness, chinese ppl.get off on that and ya its nasty, here in NORTH AMERICA we have for respect for life as for the rest of the world its lost its mind and soul.

    5. Bro go seek help your gonna end up like Ted Bundy.

    6. Solo deja que ese perro agarrè venganza de un cagado chino de niño que comen todo,hasta tu abuela

    7. Sounds like me with cats, lol.

  3. Usually it’s tragic when a dog mauls a kid. But this is a chink kid. They don’t categorize as humans so it’s all good. Way of nature

      1. How’s being superior an insult in any way?

    1. I loved to see it too bad this video is only a fucking 2/10 , theres no gore, no blood I wanted to see ripped to pieces. Next time hopefully get some stronger more vicious dogs that can tear entire limbs off chinky bastards

  4. Who is filming and letting this happen, I’m guessing it’s grandma having a laugh cuz the kid didn’t eat his broccoli.

    1. the security camera is filming if you haven’t figured that out

  5. About time the dogs got revenge on the chinks. Dogs are better than any human

    1. all ppl are guilty of eating dogs and cats, i know quite a few Asians who love Cats and Dogs, yes the asians eat everything including humans , its not good, if it makes you feel better we do the same thing with animals they cherish, i say no to eating anytthing but sadly that leads to death, i want to convert to veggies only and holistic super foods which are also all veggies. nazis were able to survive off of grass after we kicked the snot outa them. #nazi prisoners surviving on grass in detention camps after W.W,2 ya a million of em died but that was on purpose. They did not get dandylions , just grass.HAHAHAHA thats a joke for ukraine, listen i am a Canadian so nazis dont count for nothing after what they fucking did!

      1. Cats and dogs just don’t taste good. Or we don’t know how to cook them.

    2. Man I was scrolling through and was looking for this comment, your 100% correct ,these dogs are not stupid, you can clearly see the furiousness and angriness, this was not a starving street dog who’s looking for a meal but can’t get none, plus these dogs look big and healthy, I don’t think food was the reason they were there . They realized they can’t never get to a grown human being so they took revenge on the little one. This is brutal bro , had not the person who shot had a gun, this kid will be torn to pieces organs all over , leg here leg there, from what I saw though , the title doesn’t match with the content, I mean correct me if I’m wrong It didn’t seemed like the boy was torn to pieces, I didn’t see no pieces of himself on the ground, I still think and hope he made it out alive and this is just a deceiving title for lack of information.

  6. Yep… Post it on tiktok like everything else for attention.

  7. That’s what they get! Dogs can eat chinese pricks for eating their kind! fuck those “yellow people”! those COMMUNIST CHINESE CUNTS!

  8. Imagine if the owner kissed the dogs on their cheeks and then gave them extra treats 💀

  9. Well we can clearly see that dogs are swinging their tails is a sign which indicates that dogs are happy and are having fun playing with. What I think is that dogs are playing with the kid for thier own entertainment. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  10. Callese,si esa mierda que filmò eso pudo ayudar,los perros no tienen culpa porque es su istinto natural,por màs q los pegues eso no va a cambiar,tremendo inmaduro de 5 años

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