Sawed up a live puppy and fed it to a dog


A naked dude saws a small puppy with a rusty saw and feeds a big dog with a live puppy. The puppy squeals plaintively even when its back half has separated from the body.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. oh..dayum-that’s, that’s just bad and pretty fucked up :D

    1. As someone who hates pit bull dogs , i loved to see it. Fuck pit bulls, slice em up.

      Squirming shit toad is such a sorry piece of turd great vid.

      They should do this to all pit bulls just wipe them all from existence.

      1. I’d sic one on you, then upload it across gore sites.
        “Little bitch gets mauled by pitbull, 200 stiches on his face.”

        1. am going to boil a few puppies alive tonight , been thinking about stealing my neighbors dogs too. I wonder how long it takes a dog to die after being sawn in half I am going to try it out looks so fun to do

          1. yea sure you will, you stupid dumb fucking troll. Why don’t you go kill yourself, much more appropriate

          2. Author

            Don’t forget to send us a video report of the work done.

          3. Difference is, I would actually do what I said, and worse. And you would traumatize yourself even trying what you said.

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  2. Just wot can I call this ? Sick? Inhumane? Day by day my faith in humanity is pushing ..idk wot to say here

    1. I can watch anything but animal abuse is out of the question. Its usually perpetrated by the cowardly type which usually ends up surrounded by a mob getting set on fire and beaten to death, ironically.

      1. Typically trailer ape behavior.

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            I agree with your comment, this is inhumane and sick, and I would gladly kill the people in the video.

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        2. Even though it was a White dude, oKaY ??

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          2. Exactly. The guy isn’t very bright.

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    2. Cruelty isn’t exclusive to humans.

    3. Motherfucking bitch ass human. I honestly have zero empathy for that GUY. I’m not crying over the dog but fucking damnit do I hate when people do this stuff. I want to slowly torture that man with a rusty ass saw and cut him in half. Oh and before that stab his eye. Then feed both halfs of his body to stray dogs. May his soul rot in hell, if it exists. Luckily there arestill other people on my side. At least they’re not infected.

      1. You are Crying over the puppy ( me, btw) just like niggers are crying over getting owned and exposed on this website.

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      2. This video just made me lose fait in humanity, I don’t know how people like to watch this, I hope one day that guy gets cut in half SLOWLY

    4. I wanna ride on the front of the bus

  3. я ненавижу животных, мне нравится это видео

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    1. Pup pup Saw Saw

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  5. I have never in my entire life up to this point prayed for someone to die painfully. Always seemed blasphemous. That changed today.

    Whoever that man is deserves to be slowly sawed in half, starting with his crotch. Absolutely revolting.

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  6. Solch Dreck gehört hingerichtet!

  7. I love how everyone lose their shit when it involves puppies.

    1. Yes mate. A puppy never raped, killed, or stole from anyone.

      1. Actually, Puppies do such things like that. Why do you think I got sawed in half, huh? Saw your brain in half!

      2. Slut yourself and put gasoline on it :3

    2. I know right?
      They are a bunch of pussies.

  8. This human deserves what he/she did 10000x to this poor puppy.

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  9. That bog dog needs to be sawed too in half. Seems like it didn’t gave a fuck about the death of the young one. Just like niggers, chinks, and gooks.

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  13. Upload the rest of the videos, please.

  14. this is so hot, I busted a few jackoff sessions to it already. the money shot is when the front half falls off :D

    1. so you are one of those sick fucked up weirdos…

    2. Why thank you! I’m glad that I made you cum!

  15. the tree assaulted the poor naked man, causing his hand to involuntarily convulse causing grievous harm to the puppy. I am sure its all just a freak accident

    1. I see you are very educated.

  16. Women are Stupid, Arrogant and Selfish. Fuck them and toss they away.

    1. I’m a girl, and WTFF is wrong with you ?

      1. He’s an asshole who needs a visit from American Mary.

  17. And the worst part is, that pitbull is the puppy’s mother so she thought she was helping by eating the guts.

    Aren’t animals awesome?

    1. The only animals in that video are the pieces of shit doing what they’re doing. Surprised nobody knows where or who they are yet. Where’s the fucking mob when you actually need it.

  18. I have viewed 95% of this entire website, but this video I’m too scared to play. Killing little puppy is worth the killing human.

    1. Killing a little puppy is worse the killing human.

      1. Animal abuse is just inhumane and pointless, a puppy did absolutely nothing and you have to be sick to kill it this way. You have to override innate human instincts of compassion and empathy. The humans however are usually either thiefs or rapists or some such criminal and it’s harder to empathize with humans in general. Animals are just helpless and unintelligent, we aren’t

        1. but in this it was WHITE MAN who killed the puppy lmao not a black you mutt. hahahah supriror race my ass. hehehehehehehe

          1. Where did I say anything about niggers in the above comment, retard?
            And yes, we are still the most superior race, even if one cunt decided to saw up a puppy.

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  19. hello everyone, i just want you people to know
    this sick bastard has been arrested, due to the severity of the charges he was charged with over 200 counts of animal cruelty, the day after his prosecution his house was burned down by people from neighboring towns attempting to kill him.

    1. The whole arson shit was obviously denied, you emo loser. The guy did got arrested though. Saw yourself in half, Brown Messkin Boy. Ahahaha, Black Power!

  20. This is DR ADAM BRITTON the well known crocodile expert from Darwin. He has been on TV countless times.
    He has been arrested and should go to trial early 2023.
    His wife Erin Britton can be seen online in pictures with PRINCE HARRY.

    1. thanks I was looking for these videos for a long time but they have been the worst thing I have ever seen xd but nothing happens xd

    2. broooo please post them again, i need to see them

  21. Hey idk if anyone here is interested I have the full lost media of this guys full film and man i gotta say I fucking love it so much here you guys all go

    DecompressionPass: ruffzoo@8channel

    1. bro can you please post them again, the link wont work

    2. Put it up again!

    3. You love it? what a fucking degenerate piece of shit go fucking kill yourself faggot

    4. I wanna see this guys all evil sides, plz contact me

  22. Thank you, I was looking for these videos for months but the truth is that I had a bit of a bad time but nothing happens

    1. Us white men are distanced from this piece of shit

    2. Lol, Moron. If you ever found some Zoosadist channel, you’ll see most Animal Abuse videos come from 3 World Countries compared with Europeaner Nations. Dumb emo fuck. Saw yourself in half like the stupid puppy in the video. Lol

      1. White heterosexual men get offended so easily!!! LOL

  23. Ahahahahahahah, Stupid little shit ass puppy. Hey Sounder, upload the whole video of 1 Bitch 9 Pups or at least give us the link somewhere.

  24. Lmao I love how ppl on this website are completely fine with gore of people but then when it has an animal they start freakin out like bruh?

  25. Que mierda haces enfermo hijo de re mil contra puta eso es un ser vivo por que mierda le haces eso enfermo de mierda asesino

  26. I have the full 1 Bitch 9 Pups series, how can I upload them?

    1. Author

      Contact me via Telegram or email. Contacts here.

    2. You don’t have them
      Nobody does
      The cyber police removed them from the entire internet.

        1. And how do I find your group and that?
          I don’t know if you also have one called Old No.7

          1. Author

            I fixed the link to the channel, but keep in mind that our channel is blocked from time to time.
            Subscribe to the channel indicated in the title of the site. There is always up-to-date information about the main channel.

    3. Give me that too thanks, seems exciting.

  27. Joder que delicia, me recuerda a lo que yo hacia con mis perros en Barcelona. Mi hispaperro era de lo mas cachondo.
    Que viva la zoofilia.


  29. This video is so hot. My only complaint is that they could’ve gone a bit slower, but whatevs, animal abuse is hot, nobody can change my mind. I’d love to rape a lil doggy like that! :3

      1. Ohoho, are you tryna say that I am hot? I’m flattered, but I’m not sure I can have a relationship unless you’re willing to do some bloody things. ;3

        1. mmmmff i love getting hard and leaky to these videos! I wish the puppy suffered even more! :D but i love that the little dog kept yelling even after getting cut in half. so fucking hot!!! :D

    1. Lol, I would put you through such shit you would never be the same, you little harmless twink


  30. Who has the other videos? Please upload them.

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