Naked drug addict raped a dog


Casual witnesses saw a completely naked man raping a dog. The man was under the influence of drugs and behaved inappropriately.

Passers-by had to moderate the ardor of a lover of sex with animals and take away the dog from the pervert.

The dog’s anus is torn, the veterinarians are dealing with it. Well, at least this guy raped a live dog, not a dead raccoon, and for lovers of sharp spectacles, we inform you that we do not have at our disposal photos and videos of the torn anus of a raped dog.

Krasnodar region, Russia.

Recently, cases of sexual abuse of animals have become more frequent in Russia. Two days ago, the precedent with the rape of a kid goat was discussed on Russian social networks.

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  1. Trust me, I love drugs as much as the next guy, i shot coke for 8 years before I had my daughter, but I’ll never understand why anyone would want to get themselves into such a state as this. A person with a strong enough mind can use drugs recreationally and in moderation. Believe me, I did it and I was on the needle. I was still able to work, pay my bills, never stole or committed crimes and I finally quit once it was truly necessary. But for those who are incapable of respecting drugs’ power should leave them the hell alone bc they can consume you if you allow them to.

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