The cow did not like the pensioner


In India, the confrontation between cows and pensioners continues. The cows win with a score of 2:0 and the second pensioner sent his pitara to Vivasvant’s son.
However, it is possible that this is a bull, which does not change the divine karma of what is happening.

Why Indian cows are so attracted to pensioners’ asses remains the subject of scientific study. Maybe Indian pensioners make specific smells and sounds with their rear end?


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  1. I know I shouldn’t be laughing at this but!! It appears that every indian cow despise grandpa ass like there must be old rivalry between those two. I mean see the video, the way cow was looking at grandpa’s ass is just like how a hunter looks at its prey.

  2. “Whether grandfather ended up in the arms of Shiva or still drags out a miserable existence on the sinful Earth is not known.” You should’ve added this also

    1. Author

      Remembering Indian mythology, the grandfather must still fall into the arms of Yama, the son of Vivaswant. Shiva, too, must be somewhere nearby, since his responsibility includes the reincarnation of his grandfather into some kind of insect.

      1. Shiva? Oh he sucked my dick last night so hard.

        1. Doesn’t Shiva looks like this?

          1. if it’s true i would like to rape her till death

  3. I believe the bull thought that indo-grandpa was bringing him some tea… got pissed off and though my momma gives you monkeys all her milk, but you wouldn’t give me no tea… cheap Indios…

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