The woman poured gasoline over herself and set herself on fire. India.
It is unlikely that this act of self-immolation was a ritual, rather it is a common suicide.

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  1. Burning yourself isn’t a good method of suicide but it does put on a good show.

    1. Suggest a good method with less pain

      1. Vegeta where’s goku💀🗿

  2. Their response was the correct one.
    With people like this you have to treat them like a toddler that is having a tantrum, just ignore them and they’ll eventually tire themselves out.

  3. I’m a ba-dass woman. I strong!!

    20 seconds later: dances like a maniac, all pretension of being strong gone

  4. Shit! That is hilarious how people try to help :D and after all
    they all seems to say …ok show its over .

  5. No one wants to help
    Nice fucking shitty indian son of a bitches

  6. As the skin turns brown, the IQ goes down.

  7. wow poeple are so casual also the camera man recording everyshit as if its normal . no wonder india is shit degen country

  8. I masturbate on this one as it gives me a pleasurable orgasm when it comes to dying burning brown shitskin indians 💦💦💦💦

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