The cruel revenge of the donkey


One donkey brutally beat another donkey, but the time has come for the donkey to take revenge on the donkey. Enjoy with sound.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. It would be no problem to torture and kill that subhuman twerp, especially in the middle of nowhere like that

    1. Dude.. Actually stfu. No one asked. You are a racist and Your opinions don’t need to be heard. this is a site for people who enjoy murder, not a racist meet and greet

      1. What did I say that was racist? If you like murder, why is it a problem for me to want to murder the animal abuser in the video above?
        Also, murder is fine, but racism isn’t? 100% you’re from the US where the thought-police is real and are shocked by the amount of unhinged free speech, on a Russian site, out of all the “democracies”

      2. @THEHONESTTRUTH Shut the fuck up! You like torture and murder? So watch your step! We have your adress. What if we visit U for some nice hours, nice hours for us, not for you?! We cut you in pieces, you can have broken bones, if you wish we burn your corpse,…..choose wisely, because when we visit you, we want to know how you want to die….. So watch your step!

        1. If you are that killer as you say you are so I really need you

      3. If you enjoy murder, you shouldn’t have a problem with racism. They are both evil. Murder is fine, racism is not? Moron. Go slap your mother for giving birth to you. Yup. That guy is racist. But you are worse, justifying murder over racism. You probably go to the toilet for dinner and shit on the dining table.

  2. That was quite entertaining that really made my day thank God(FUCK JESUS CHRIST) in the name of the holy ass

    The best part when he screams and screech like a faggot, music to my ears

  3. fucking retard

  4. Nice , the fucking nigger actually deserves worse than that , should be cut into halves by chainsaw subhuman maggot.

    1. You need to go see a psychiatrist and ask him to push you out the window.

  5. Brown people are the shit stains in the pantie4s of mother nature. I feel bad for the donkey having to deal with nigger DNA in its mouth.

    1. Don’t know how you are going to justify that statement logically. Go slap yourself with your own slipper, but wrap it with a soiled diaper before you do.

  6. Dude deserved that shit. Props on the cameraman not interfering.

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