Alexey Makeev Alextime Lord Nazi Ruso

Alexey Makeev Alextime Lord Nazi Ruso

Alexey Makeev, aka Alextime, aka Lord Nazi Ruso became famous for his numerous attacks on people, the demonstration of Nazi symbols and the murder in Mexico.

What is known about Alexey Makeev?

Alexey Makeev was born on August 22, 1974 in Elektrostal, Moscow Region. Very little is known about his childhood and youth. Alexey Makeev’s parents have died at the time of this writing.

Aleksey Makeev is a physically developed man with high mental abilities, he speaks three languages, Russian, English and Spanish.

In the period from the late 90s to 2001, Alexey Makeev was a very successful trader in securities. According to him, he earned 37,000,000 rubles. (approximately $ 1,300,000 at the exchange rate of 2000 and this information is confirmed by a certificate of his income) which allowed Makeev to lead a comfortable life and travel the world.

In 2001, Alexey Makeev decided to leave the financial market and go into show business. Here is what he wrote about one of his first TV appearances:

At that moment, I decided to quit the stock market (since it irreversibly rolled down – and is still rolling) and flow into show business. Started trading face. The case turned up. There was a rally in support of the company in front of the NTV studio. I decided to show up. I was fuck Putin, fuck NTV – decided to promote.

From 2003 to 2010 Alexey Makeev had his own business in Egypt. He and several other divers bought a boat and conducted diving tours for vacationers in the resorts of Hurghada.

Makeev and photo of the girl
One of Alexey Makeev’s collages during his stay in Egypt. You can make out the inscription ‘Angelina Jolie, this is a wise decision to leave the movie for the sake of her son. I will help financially. Alextime’. Near the photo of the girl.

In 2007, one of the first incidents involving Makeev happened in Hurghada. It is not known what caused the conflict, but judging by further events, the mental state of Alexey Makeev at that moment was not in the best shape.

As a result of the conflict, local residents threw stones at Aleksey Makeev. The police detained Makeev and he spent three days in an Egyptian prison.

Makeev did not wait for the accusations and left Egypt on April 9, 2007.

On April 10, 2007, at the insistence of his mother, Emma Nikolaevna Makeeva, Alexey Makeev was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital in the city of Elektrostal, where he stayed for a whole month until May 8, 2007.

Soon he left for Israel, from where, after some time, he was deported to Russia and he was banned from entering this country.

Alexey Makeev with an unknown woman
Alexey Makeev with an unknown woman

Probably for illegal work as a diving instructor, there is no more accurate data on this period of Makeev’s life. However, Makeev always had his own versions on this subject, which were based on the alleged persecution of him by the special services. Perhaps Makeev tried to obtain Israeli citizenship, his mother Emma Nikolaevna Makeeva was Jewish.

In 2010, after being banned from entering Israel, Alexey Makeev moved to Spain, from where he was deported in September 2012. The reason for the detention and deportation of Makeev from Spain was the suspicion of theft.

Makeev unscrewed the wall electrical switch at an empty abandoned gas station and was detained by the Spanish police after which he was deported as not having a residence permit in this country. Makeev claims that he was deported from Spain twice, and this is possible given his craving for movement from country to country.

Path to success Alextime

Starting from the winter of 2012, Aleksey Makeev began to publish his videos on Youtube, in which he read his poems around the campfire, demonstrated edged weapons and Nazi symbols under the pseudonym Alextime.

Here is an example of poetic creativity Alextime.

Did you have a presentation today
And tomorrow, quite possibly, there will be trepanation.
And today I was in the morgue in the morning,
To identify your body.

To the Woman.
Looking at the world from above
Waving big legs.
Your life is not easy
When you leave with assholes.

Ode to feet.
Oh your feet
Calling for hugs.
They have their own destiny
Hope and dream.
And against your will
They are ready for anything
Not for you
But for my own sake.

Gradually Alextime videos on Youtube became more and more aggressive. He published videos of attacks on children and pensioners.



Usually Alextime pushed people, shoved them off the road and quickly ran away, brandishing a knife. Aleksey Makeev saw others as a threat, believed that a conspiracy was being built around him.

In some videos, he explained his concerns. He believed that the people he met deliberately crossed the trajectory of his movement, his parents purposely turned over his closed cans of beer in the refrigerator, and in all this he saw an attempt to cause damage.

Alextime’s videos have received a huge number of views and caused a heated discussion on social networks. Makeev was blocked by one channel on Youtube, but he created another one and so on ad infinitum.

Alextime left a huge digital imprint, some of his social media accounts are still available today.

He has several accounts on Livejournal, Facebook and other blogging platforms where he reposts his videos.

Although Makeev – Alextime published under a pseudonym, he never hid his name and address. He defiantly called himself, showed his documents.

Alexey Makeev's documents
Alexey Makeev’s documents

Sometimes Alextime, between incoherent speech and complaints of persecution, gave out very curious philosophical concepts. For example, his idea with homoinstinctus.Makeev believed that most people “do not have an operating system” in their heads. Such people he called ‘homoinstinctus’.
Homoinstinctus, in his opinion, existed solely due to primitive instincts – the instinct of self-preservation, the instinct of reproduction, etc. Homoinstinctus could not create, could not come up with something of their own.
Homoinstinctus could only copy the behavior of other people or the behavior of people from the films they watched. Alextime said this: “I thought that tomorrow I’ll go fishing. I’ll go fishing, but when I say this, the homoinstinctus will steal this idea and also say:” I’ll also go fishing tomorrow.
Agree, this is quite an interesting concept for a person with mental disorders.

In the end, this could not fail to attract the attention of the Russian police. In April 2013, Aleksey Makeev was detained and forcibly placed in a psychiatric hospital.

At the end of 2013, Alexey Makeev was discharged from a psychiatric clinic with a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia aggravated by paranoid syndrome.

Alexey Makeev near the psychiatric clinic
Alexey Makeev near the psychiatric clinic

“Monos mexicanos, por favor”

On April 15, 2014, Alexey Makeev arrived from Russia in Mexico, declared that he was a homosexual and an LGBT activist, and then asked for asylum in this country.

Alexey Makeev arrived in Mexico
Alexey Makeev arrived in Mexico posing as a homosexual

In fact, Alexey Makeev was not a homosexual. In one of his videos, he mentioned that his parents ruined his personal life by telling a woman with whom he began to develop a close relationship about his mental illness.
One of his blogs, which remained available on the Internet, is full of photos of Madonna and Milla Jovovich. Makeev clearly gravitated towards graceful women with a sporty figure.

On September 18, 2014, Alexey Makeev received refugee status and a residence permit in Mexico.
At first, Makeev looked and behaved adequately, worked as a security guard, and then as a diving instructor at Aquaworld Cancun until November 2015.

Alextime with a knife

After that, his condition began to worsen. He again began to publish videos in which he behaved aggressively, called Mexicans monkeys and ‘dirty Meks’, and made scandals on various occasions.

The Mexican psychiatrist Groncio Moreno examined Makeev, determined his mental state as very serious and prescribed him diazepam as a sedative.

On November 24, 2016, the Russian consulate in Cancun informed the Mexican migration and public security authorities that Aleksey Makeev was a potential source of danger, showing sociopathic activity and aggression.

On December 15, 2016, Aleksey Makeev was detained and placed in the deportation prison in the city of Chetumal. After 36 days, in January 2017, Makeev was released from prison, having taken away documents with a residence permit in Mexico and offered to leave the country or seek political asylum in Peru or Argentina.

Makeev reacted to the proposal of the Mexican authorities in his usual paranoid manner:

Look, they offered me to go to Argentina or Peru, but they did not offer me to go to the USA, and the USA is closer than Peru or Argentina. So they’re in cahoots with the CIA and the FBI who are after me.

After that, Alextime continued his hooligan adventures on the streets of Konkun.

Nazi Lord Ruso. Murder of 20-year-old Mexican and attempted lynching of Alextime

Although Aleksey Makeev published his videos in Russian, he soon became famous in Mexico. Mexicans began to actively discuss his videos on social networks with the hash tag #LordNaziRuso – Russian Nazi Lord.

Alexey Makeev in Mexico

Since May 18, they began to call and threaten him on the phone. On the evening of May 19, 2017, about three hundred outraged residents of Konkun gathered around the house where Aleksey Makeev Lord Nazi Ruso rented an apartment.

Several people tried to break into the room rented by Aleksey Makeev, including 20-year-old Eduardo “Lalo” Gutierrez, previously convicted of robbery, who was stabbed in the chest by Makeev.


Makeev fought back furiously, but he had to climb onto the roof, where they began to throw stones and sticks at him.

Lord nazi ruso on the roof

Nazi Lord Ruso received a head injury and a broken arm. At this time, the police intervened. Aleksey Makeev was arrested in an unconscious state and taken to the hospital, where he was treated, and then to prison.

Nazi Lord Ruso in the hospital
Nazi Lord Ruso in the hospital

On June 2, 2017, the Cancun City Court sentenced Makeev to 1 year and 8 months of pre-trial detention on charges of premeditated murder under extenuating circumstances.

Makeev is transported from the hospital to the court
Makeev is transported from the hospital to the court

Investigation and trial of Makeev

The trial of Alexey Makeev began on November 14, 2017. A psychiatric examination was carried out, according to the results of which Alexey Makeev was recognized as sane.

Psychiatric examination Lord Nazi Ruso

During the judicial and investigative procedures, Aleksey Makeev complained that he was beaten and humiliated in a Mexican prison. He said that other prisoners dipped his head into a bucket of feces. He also claimed to have been raped by other inmates and was soon transferred from Chetumal Jail to Cancun Jail.

Perhaps this is Makeev’s fantasy, his rare photographs in a Mexican prison indicate that he is doing well. Some journalists wrote that Lord Nazi Ruso is preparing to arrange a prison riot with the help of foreign prisoners, but most likely this is an invention of journalists.

Makeev requested help from the Russian consulate in Mexico, but received a formal reply.

On July 17, Aleksey Makeev was sentenced by a court to 37.5 years in prison and 405,000 pesos ($22,000) in damages to the family of the deceased.

Nazi Lord Ruso in a Mexican prison

Nazi Lord Ruso in prison

During the investigation and after imprisonment, lawyers worked with Makeev. One of them, lawyer Gennady Makarov, keeps in touch with Makeev in prison and publishes audio recordings of the conversations on his Youtube channel.

In prison, Alexey Makeev continued to write complaints about the conditions of detention. He turned down the possibility of deportation to Russia, although the term for premeditated murder in Russia is shorter than in Mexico, explaining that he fears for his life “because of Putin who wants to kill me.”

In 2018, he starred in a Mexican TV documentary about the re-education of convicts. Makeev played a role in a prison theatrical.

Nazi Lord Ruso Alexey Makeev

In Russia, there are admirers and fans of Alexey Makeev. Sometimes they publish old Alextime videos on Youtube, which, however, are quickly removed by the censorship of the service.

The Alextime Phenomenon

Nazi Lord Ruso decided to become famous and confidently walked towards his goal, although he did not have any special qualities for this, except for his extravagant appearance.

With a knife in his hand and a video camera in the other, he wandered the streets of Elektrostal near Moscow and frightened passers-by with aggressive behavior.

The Alextime videos were as shocking as they were unpredictable. At times, the almost incoherent speech alternated between several topics in one video.

It was so mesmerizing and repulsive at the same time that Alextime found both his fans and those who hated him.

The person who watched the Alextime video said to himself: “God, what a freak! This is a complete psychopath! I want to send this video to my friends so that they also see what psychos live among us!”

Both of them wrote comments under his video, and Makeev, unlike the arrogant video bloggers of 2022, almost always responded to these comments. For a short time, he broke into Youtube trends and his videos were trending before Makeev’s placement in the psychiatric blade.

And when, it seemed, Alextime disappeared forever, suddenly he showed up in Mexico and showed his hooligan videos from there.

He began to do in Mexico the same thing that he did in Russia, but Mexico is not Russia and Konkun is not Elektrostal. Makeev was not understood. And instead of complaining about Lord Nazi Ruso to the police, the offended residents of Konkun decided to lynch him.

Perhaps this was the zenith of fame, the crown of Alexey Makeev’s career in show business.

Alexey Makeev, Alextime, Nazi Lord Ruso will be released from prison in 2054. By this time he will be 80 years old.

Additional Information

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



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