Columbine in Buffalo


18-year-old Payton Gendron shot and killed 10 people and wounded three in racial hatred. The killer was live streaming on Twitch during the massacre.

Payton Gendron lived in Conklin, 200 miles from Buffalo. What caused the attack on a supermarket in Buffalo is unknown.

After the police arrived, Payton Gendron put the barrel of an automatic rifle to his neck, but the police persuaded him to surrender.

Buffalo, USA.

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  1. I have to admit, his aim is very accurate. Also the last guy got spared. Thankfully.

  2. I found his family’s, and friends’ important data. (Bank cards, ID cards…)

    I’ll publish these soon.

    And his embarrassing videos.

    We are Anonymous, we are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget.

    1. lol. ok, post them if you’re for real.

      You are cringe. You are dorks. You don’t get pussy. Go fuck yourself.

      1. LMAO . I love the way how u went from appreciation to completely destroyed him .

    2. yeah sure. Anyways, what does his family have to do with that attack again?

  3. FAKE FAKE FAKE, first girl practicing her fall just before getting shot. Guy at back of car fell too early. No one can land that many kills shots from the hip. FAKE, FAKE, FAKE

    Just another in a long line of false flags.

    1. I have been working with video for 10 years and I don’t see fakes, traces of editing or any inconsistencies here. I have a better quality and longer video of this episode.
      It’s not fake.

      1. Bullshit, USE YOUR GOD GIVEN EYES TO SEE.

        1. WTF is ur problem? You angst teen asshole.

          1. I think his trying to denied that a white supremacist did that

        2. You must be retarded. It’s okay we understand. Here have a balloon.

      2. You got a link for the whole thing?

        1. It’s been 2 weeks already. When I sort the archive, I will post this video.

  4. Again, wasting your life to kill a few random undesirables. He would have been more useful if he had just pursued higher education and acquired money that he can use later, had kids, advocated for pro-White interests, etc.
    He brought the Jews in his manifesto, but goes out to kill mere niggers. Why not go into a News outlet building and make a run for the top floor, since you’re going to throw your life away? Chances are you’re gonna kill a lot of kikes.
    News flash, maggots: this won’t cause a race war. People are living comfortably in the US and are too brainwashed to barely even question the Jews, let alone take up arms. They’re like dogs that underwent negative reinforcement with electric shocks every time they bring up another race or the kikes. What exactly is anyone going to do if the US decides to go full blown Nazi Germany? Are Israel, Africa, Mexico going to place sanctions on the US or something? Why are the white American’t’s so afraid of offending anyone when they are in the most dominant position you can be in? Whose relatiation are they afraid of?

    1. Do you have a link to his manifesto?

      1. Link

        I didn’t post the direct link because that blog has some interesting comments below, for anyone willing to read.
        Apparently there’s a belief that the manifesto is bullshit and faked. Which wouldn’t surprise me honestly.

        Interestingly, on page 3 you can see the following:
        “And my most recent self pictures are below:”

        After which he puts up 2 pics of someone that’s not him, but a random white guy with a black AK-family rifle. A picture I’ve seen before, and that’s not him at all.

        1. I haven’t had time to read the paper in its entirety, but my preliminary findings are as follows:
          1. It is impossible to say with certainty that the guy in the photo from the manifesto and the guy Python Gendron are the same person. A gabitoscopy examination is required, I cannot afford it yet for objective reasons.
          2. The concept of the manifesto is quite consistent with other similar documents, primarily with a lot of errors and false conclusions.
          Exactly the same errors I observed in the manifesto of Andreas Breivik. This is typical of lone guerrillas.
          As if this document was written by one person and the editor or critic did not get acquainted with it.

          Answering the question “If this is a fake, then who needs it and why”?

          I see no other reasons for the spread of fakes of this kind, except for 2:
          1. Getting hype, momentary fame.
          2. For the sake of embarrassing the world’s media.

          And when the world media picks up the fake, an exposing article comes out.

          1. I didn’t read that shit myself nor will I waste my time on it either. But just one quick scroll through and I noticed the aforementioned picture of apparently a comedian called “Sam Hyde”. There goes the need for a gabitoscopy examination.

            In my below comment, reading the contents of the linked page will perhaps shine light on some things.

            The mainfesto is very questionable. A lot of plagiarism and inconsistencies, a false image of allegedly himself.
            Personally I’m not sure and it makes no difference to me. All I can say is this rampage might satisfy some people’s desire for righting a perceived wrong (even mine), but politically in the long run this event does us no favors.

      2. Apaprently it is bullshit and perhaps a “false flag”.

        It has a lot of plagiarism and inconsistency.

        Wonder (( who’s )) behind it.

        1. Thank you. I’ve edited your comments to make the links more aesthetically pleasing.

          Over time, we will come up with something for convenient adding links.

          1. No worries. We talked about this before, I know the deal.

        2. Or it was written by a complete nutcase crazy enough to just start shooting people at random at the local Tops market. The guy is a moron look at pics of him. I am surprised he could even point and shoot.

  5. There’s no way this guy wasn’t a
    fed. The way he moves, shoots,
    reloads, clears corners, traces
    targets, etc is way too refined. There wasn’t even any evidence that this guy was ex military etc

    1. Side effect of playing too much PUBG and CS:GO.

      1. Yeah who knew actually playing FPS shooters all day actually improves your IRL shooting skills. In news article on guy claimed he spent all his time online playing FPS.

    2. Look at him he’s an idiot. No way he is a fed LOL.

  6. Fact. The dude was a brony. The fbi released photos of his room which gave it away lol

    1. It sucks he got a few white people but at least he took out some welfare niggers. God bless this man and his bravery and we need to make this a thing since niggers THINK they want us so bad. I say let’s give it to them niggers.

      1. Shoot em up! Shoot em up! Shoot em up! Massacre all niggers in ghettos. And pls Nuke afreaka asap!!

      2. We need to flay and dismember all niggers, spics, sandniggers and kikes. We should all meet up and form a neo nazi gang and do this to all minorities. Who is with me? I live in LA.

  7. bro found his teammate at the end, almost turned out wrong

  8. fucking hell, this guy is an expert, The acuraccy of the shot, the movment, the steady pace, hell i can’t be this pro even in Cod,!

    1. This is how a white man kills. Niggers walk around holding pistols sideways thinking they’re dangerous. Bless their little hearts. They’d be in pieces all over the place should they start something

  9. I like where his heart was but he didn’t accomplish anything all he managed to get was old gorillas gorillas that already pushed out their babies to tell you the truth the beaner in Texas had more of an effect he got them before they can push out their babies.

    1. I wish he killed nigger and kike kids instead though. I hate beaners too but niggers and kikes are the real problem in this country. They’re the ones that are trying to destroy the white race by going after our women and brainwashing them. Beaners don’t really pose as a problem for the white race. I understand that they traffick drugs into the US but it’s your problem if you’re a subhuman junkie. I wish he shot up a ghetto nigger school or a kike school instead smh. I hope someone does that in the future. They would gain all my respect.

    2. Do you wanna form a Neo Nazi group?

      1. What? Tattoo swastikas and shave your head like a bunch of hooligans? You might as well join an already existing group in prison when you get sent there for doing hooligan shit.

        How many times do I have to say this?
        Don’t go out killing niggers and kikes because you will end up in prison. Do you think the kikes got control of the banks, media and government in the US by forming fucking street gangs and overtly killing whites?
        You might feel good about killing a nigger but this is a political blunder. What do you think will the response of the people be when they see what you’ve done? Niggers are disliked for the crimes they do. That is good, let them. The only reason niggers in US are “seemingly” prospering, is because of the “affirmative action” and all the other leftist bullshit all financed by the kikes. These things require deliberate planning and using your head.
        The pen is mightier than the sword, when all swords are sheathed that is. And they are now.

        Promote pro-white interests and provide clear arguements about what and why. Expose anti-white attacks for what they are. The more people see it, the better. It plants a seed in their head which grows and grows.
        Go to school. Have kids. Exercise. Stay away from vices. Find like-minded people.
        Those are all smarter alternatives.

        If you want to connect with white nationalists, visit the following website:

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        1. ( The link above doesn’t exist. I posted the correct one, then you removed it. Edit the above one to be correct at least. It’s “https” and “.org” . )

          1. I didn’t edit the link text, that’s how it was.
            I made this link active.
            Perhaps the engine itself signed something at the time of editing.
            Please use HTML when adding a link.
            HTML is supported for links and images.

          2. I posted a comment branching to my own comment above, with the proper link. Then it got removed (perhaps automatically). Anyway, no big deal, proper link is up now. Thank you

  10. the massacrist really dislike minorities? geeks, spicks, niggers, gays, ect.. but they all look like old woman and few white guys , also the fact he set up a live stream to execute these civilians makes him 100 % conscious of his elaborate scheme and decisions. i would think these shooters would choose to use their guns against others with guns, militants ,evil police, gang members, but nope… and i9 can’t belive the gay massacrist in texas shoot up little children in their class room ? any photos or live stream of that incident? i believe just sick people that are frustrated sexually and might have sexual gratification from performing their massacres? no self control or disipline?

  11. U . S . A
    The number 1 land of freaks, Terrorism, Child Abuse, Pedophiles…Country with zero 0 girls virginity “this include minors”

    1. Thanks to the kikes. The porn industry is ran by the Jews. The news outlets that shape the public’s view on everything is ran by the Jews. Hollywood and most media is ran by Jews. The freaks are financed by the Jews. Trillions of $ are going to Israel for universal schooling and healthcare, while a discernible deal of Americans lives in poverty.
      Look at the Americans in the 1950s, and look at them now. They’re still the world’s superpower but the social and moral fabric is being carefully and slyly unwoven.

      Most people’s entire world view is based on one fundamental fact:
      World War 2 was won by the good guys.
      For the sake of arguement, imagine that that proposition is false. All of a sudden the world today makes sense.

      We are told that “White Supremacists” are the problem, by a people that call themselves “The Chosen Ones”.

      1. The good guys saved the Jews from the genocide.
        Do you have statistics on key positions in the media and porn industry? Are all porn media moguls really Jewish?

        1. We talked about this at length elsewhere.

          Yes, the good guys saved the Jews from genocide. And now the Jews are genociding us. How does this disprove my point?

          Jewish origins of the Porn Industry:

          “Al Goldstein, the publisher of Screw, said “The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don’t believe in authoritarianism.’”

          “We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” —
          Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001

          “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel,. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created.”
          – Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

          “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002

          “I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government,” Jewish columnist Joel Stein wrote in the Los Angeles Times in December 2008. “I just care that we get to keep running them.”

          1. Thank you. Convincing enough.

  12. Das Video ist FAKE! Und rassistisch ist es auch nicht! Hier wird ja auch auf Weiße geschossen – bzw. werden sie erschossen. Aber wie gesagt: FAKE! Und nicht mal gut gemacht!

  13. is there a longer version, like up until he gets arrested? and or body cam from when officers arrived/talked with him?

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